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LIFEHACK: Buy a domain, make a landing page for your switch activity and make it your switch profile name for online games! (if it can fit in 10 characters or less, that is) :badflow:

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Reminder that my Switch friend code is SW-6638-6700-4309! Feel free to add me! :crt_w_test_pattern: :kirby_walk: :mario: :yoshi:

Praxis is a general mixture of salt, pepper, relish, paprika, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and a teaspoon of pickle juice

Thoughts on birbsite and academia 


birthday stuff!! 🎂 😍 :blobwizard: 🎁 :toot:🎉

(what's the joke about being as smart as an empty ashtray?)

hello! :crt_w_test_pattern: i was away for a while because busy busy busy -- i moved into my first apartment, did a bunch of job hunting (museum interview!!), turned 23 this past sunday, and am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow! good greetings from newfieworld

😲😲😲😲😲 words cannot describe what a good deal this is, all I need to say is "if you want your life to be an all-inclusive real-life Stardew Valley: Newfoundland Alpaca edition (and have $550k), click that link". The Alpacas of Newfoundland are looking to change hands, it seems! I'd be considering it if I had the money haha

Canada never got Adult Swim, only a majority of the shows, syndicated across different channels (mostly Teletoon and G4), so the only complete DVD collection I'm going for is Adult Swim; right now I have:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (S02)
The Boondocks (S01)
Metalocalypse (S01-02)
Mission Hill
The Oblongs
Sealab 2021 (S01)
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (S01)
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (S01)
Venture Brothers (S01)

hopefully i can track down some more for a good price for my birthday :toot:


if any of yall get me a fuckin 30% off coupon for my birthday youre no longer invited to my birthdays

honestly sealab: 2021 is one of the most innovative and entertaining cartoons in adult swim's history

fediverse, would you put your brain in a robot body? you'd have x-ray vision and the strength of five gorillas!

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