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I made a fediverse team on SETI@home. Join if you have some computing power to spare and would like to look for ET! :itsaliens:

uhh vr troopers is on netflix i guess i'm not letting this weed go to waste then

Easiest way to appreciate your career is in dna is to run a western blot

I don’t think I can post more than like 5 times a day

thought about joining tinder but then remembered my e-reader arrives later this week and i have lots to read

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@ me with your plans for September 20th (the global climate strike)

Are you gonna call out of work?

Wear a shirt about climate change to work?

Shut down your personal websites with a message of solidarity?

Attend a protest?

Spend time once you're home from work reading about how to get involved in long-term climate repair in your area?

Let me know!

is encrypting my private files up to what like 250gb for free, providing free encrypted chat and now theyre giving me free stellar ok i'm suspicious

I mostly see baby boomers texting while driving

Glad buttigieg and biden are struggling. I hope all their wealthy donors feel the pain of an emptier wallet.

Butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high

get real, donald banning vapes must mean he's taking money from big tobacco

Taking a step back, library users’ private info is a data goldmine for advertisers: the powers that be have a GREAT grip on the habits/tastes of people who can be easily sold to, but not on people who aren’t easily sold to because they’re at the library

“You can log in with facebook”
“We will never sell any info to a 3rd party”
“We may have to share your info in order to improve your experience on this rapidly decaying surveillance planet but you know, it’s for the best 😉”

Overdrive and Libby’s privacy policies don’t at all read like they’re providing a safe public service for free

Donald just wants to sell bottles of water and batteries at 500% markup in Alabama is all

i keep getting ads for kid products did i get somebody pregnant

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Easiest way to snap out of feeling bad about being lonely is to put on some clothes and treat yourself to lunch. just listen to the awful or boring things couples say to each other

Eating an impossible burger which doesn’t even taste good to own the conservatives

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