If I spend more than 4 minutes in a cvs or touch too many things I feel like I’m gonna get sick

Status update: Eating candy corn in a stairwell

Wonder if any of the trees will grow back after this winter

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i have nearly zero interest in cars but damn that tesla pickup would be great (if it were provided to green collar workers for free by the state instead of functioning as some kind of shallow technobro capitalist prize)

bernie sanders makes my skin crawl to the polls to cast a vote for bernie sanders

I know that “I don’t know anyone who loves their insurance company but I do know lots of people who love their doctor” line is popular but to be real nearly all doctors I’ve had have fucking sucked ass. Like, missed broken bones and other obvious conditions or messed up prescriptions. Some of it is because they’re overworked and paying mountains of school debt so also capitalism’s fault.

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Glad to find out my friend finally quit fb, through text. Now, to get him on signal...

Are there any geolocation-based apps that don’t sell your data???

O! To lead an honest, open, transparent life for the unbridled relish of a faceless predictive algorithm

Social media altogether appeals less and less to me and no other distraction seems to be taking its place

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sam seder is the best thing privacy demolishing algorithms found for me

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Does anyone in this diner have any clue I’m thinking of the death of dreams as I eat this stale slice of carrot cake

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