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I made a fediverse team on SETI@home. Join if you have some computing power to spare and would like to look for ET! :itsaliens:

Not getting over someone is sad and getting over someone is sad

now that i'm in a more senior position where i'm exposed to the many factors that can destroy a company, i'm even more sickened by managers in my past who made their employees feel as though the company and everyone's jobs were at risk if they came in 5 minutes late, weren't always smiling, or took a long lunch

Still surprised that whole use-the-moon-as-a-billboard by using lasers thing never happened

Messed up how none of the shows on the cw need cw

Imagine going to see the next star war on opening day or even at all lmao

terminator dark fate spoilers, violence 

The Star Wars Christmas Special is not available on Disney Plus, I want my money back

Enjoying lady bird on kanopy wow the power of not-quite-capitalism

US politics 

Whenever someone refers to people as “folk” I pretend this is who they’re talking about

@tootapp myasstodon doesn’t seem to load on my iOS toot! Used to be just fine- know any common things I might be missing? cc @ldopa

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