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"At what point does an interventionist or hacker aesthetic become a political gesture or institutional critique rather than being recuperated as trendy Formalist technique?"

--Michael Betancourt, Glitch Art in Theory and Practice

the one good thing about america is that when i finish a bag of hot cheetos i am less than a block away from where i can buy a fresh bag that's what i'm thankful for this year

If I’m hosting elsewhere (green geeks) is setting up mastodon much harder than setting up a wordpress?

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they spent so long focused on cybertruck, they never stopped to ask whybertruck??

Everyone should know there were two older men at the bar last night talking to each other about how they’re not boomers and it’s so ridiculous that anyone would tell them “ok, boomer” and how that in and of itself was unoriginal because they would say “yeah, dad” when they were kids so what I’m saying is I’ve quit drinking

I would pay money to get back an old doom.wad I made when I was a teenager that has been lost to history

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I want to go back to where there is no gravity

Not accepting this webbed site’s cookies because I’m on a holiday diet

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@eloisa @trunk Please add me to Cyberpunk, Science Fiction, Friendly People, Transhumanism, Writing.

Thinking about how unintuitive GUI based on physical folders and documents must be to young people who didnt grow up using those things but how the GUI is intuitive anyway because that’s what they grew up using

Midlife crisis is way easier than the quarterlife crisis because no one pays attention to older people by default (so no one judging) and you can afford your bills god the boomers that complained about this when I was growing up were such snowflakes (also they could afford both paying bills AND buying a sports car or hotels for affairs which I cannot)

Please join my campaign at borey cooker dot com GODDAMMIT

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uspol, demdebates 

Not getting over someone is sad and getting over someone is sad

now that i'm in a more senior position where i'm exposed to the many factors that can destroy a company, i'm even more sickened by managers in my past who made their employees feel as though the company and everyone's jobs were at risk if they came in 5 minutes late, weren't always smiling, or took a long lunch

Still surprised that whole use-the-moon-as-a-billboard by using lasers thing never happened

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