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From the birdsite: under communism every queer person will have enough desk space that they don't have to move equipment around all the time

Tip for people seeing friends join -- it is not a good fediverse neighbor! Myself and a bunch of other admins blocked it a couple years ago because the people who were running it were unfriendly to the point of abusive!

They admit to some of this in their own FAQ:

Get your friends on good servers. 💚

(Like here, for example! I'll send an invite code to anyone, and any Shop member can make invites)

I really fucking wish I could follow other instance's local timelines. I love but it's kinda quiet and not particularly about any of my interest. It just feels safe here.

But I'd like to grow my following of folks in open source and art communities and i don't think mastodon makes that very easy :(


The most daunting thing for me about joining Mastodon/Fediverse was picking an instance.

Having joined one, a RL metaphor emerges for me: "it's like picking an apartment building."

You need to evaluate the management. Do they respect tenant rights? Is the desk clerk skeevy?

Do you want to live in a big impersonal complex? Or a little boarding house, where people share a lot and have house parties? You can even be a "home owner" and run your own instance (pay the bills, fix the plumbing).

still can't get over the fact that women have committed 100% of crimes in space, thatcher move over, that's girl power right there

One of the key advantages of the fediverse is that it allows for collaborative moderation - each instance only needs to moderate its own users, and to evaluate whether other instances uphold moderation policies which are in line with their own. This is a key advantage of fedi - so long as users are somewhat evenly distributed across instances, this means that every moderation decision can be human. This is one reason why very large instances are a problem - they can stretch beyond their ability to appoint and control trustworthy human moderators.

Cave Johnson here. Now I've been hearing some concerns over the number of genders we're producing here at Aperture. Bean counters say there's no money in making more than 2 genders. Well you know what I say to that? That's right, make even more of them! Every time someone tells me we're making too many genders we crank up the production. At this rate we're gonna hit hundreds of genders per day. How do you like them apples?

what do modern witches use to write their curses? 

the hex editor is implemented with libcurses of course

just uploaded my tool to let you make an embedable bandcamp-style player for selling music on (or anywhere you can embed html+js+assets)

PSA: The Tow-Boot project ( have just put out their 4th release, officially supporting the @PINE64 #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro:

If you're wondering what EBBR is: Basically, Tow-Boot delivers UEFI on ARM and thus makes work for distributions a lot easier.


Average wait time for hitchhiking across Europe. I’m so happy that such a dataset exists. Source:


days till pakige: 1
my brain, expecting it to arrive any second now: pakige pakige pakige pakige

asking for recommendations: subtitle creation software :boost_ok: 

i want to add subtitles/closed captions to a video. i already have a long-form transcript of what's said in the video. is there an easy way to convert that transcript to a video subtitle format? either way, what do y'all recommend as a subtitle editing program for linux?

any help is appreciated!

I'm sorry, I disagree with ideology, only based things I agree with (non-ideology) allowed past this point ty

i think all permission dialogs should have a "lie with fake data" button

I finally published this post I worked on a week or so ago: "Falshoods Programmers Believe About 'Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names' "

Preface: If you haven’t read the excellent essay Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names by Patrick McKenzie, or haven’t read it recently, I strongly suggest that you do so before reading this article. This article will brutally undermine the original’s efficiency by overanalysing its points, and in my opinion, it’s good to have your own thoughts about it before you hear mine.

After 6 long months of waiting, #postmarketOS v21.12 is live! This release contains 8 more devices, bringing our total number supported in stable releases up to 23! This time also featuring #ttyescape, a way to "escape" to a tty with graphical keyboard when things go bad.

Get it now while it's still hot!

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