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what do modern witches use to write their curses? 

the hex editor is implemented with libcurses of course

just uploaded my tool to let you make an embedable bandcamp-style player for selling music on (or anywhere you can embed html+js+assets)

PSA: The Tow-Boot project ( have just put out their 4th release, officially supporting the @PINE64 #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro:

If you're wondering what EBBR is: Basically, Tow-Boot delivers UEFI on ARM and thus makes work for distributions a lot easier.


Average wait time for hitchhiking across Europe. I’m so happy that such a dataset exists. Source:


days till pakige: 1
my brain, expecting it to arrive any second now: pakige pakige pakige pakige

asking for recommendations: subtitle creation software :boost_ok: 

i want to add subtitles/closed captions to a video. i already have a long-form transcript of what's said in the video. is there an easy way to convert that transcript to a video subtitle format? either way, what do y'all recommend as a subtitle editing program for linux?

any help is appreciated!

I'm sorry, I disagree with ideology, only based things I agree with (non-ideology) allowed past this point ty

i think all permission dialogs should have a "lie with fake data" button

I finally published this post I worked on a week or so ago: "Falshoods Programmers Believe About 'Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names' "

Preface: If you haven’t read the excellent essay Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names by Patrick McKenzie, or haven’t read it recently, I strongly suggest that you do so before reading this article. This article will brutally undermine the original’s efficiency by overanalysing its points, and in my opinion, it’s good to have your own thoughts about it before you hear mine.

After 6 long months of waiting, #postmarketOS v21.12 is live! This release contains 8 more devices, bringing our total number supported in stable releases up to 23! This time also featuring #ttyescape, a way to "escape" to a tty with graphical keyboard when things go bad.

Get it now while it's still hot!

I had to instruct an old person how to use an Android phone and it went a little like this:

"When the screen goes dark, you need to turn it back on by pressing this unmarked button on the right. Then, when the screen lights up with the clock, a background picture, and no other indication of what you should do, you need to place your finger on the screen and swipe upwards."

When did we decide that this was a good idea?? I might as well teach them how to use Vim at this point.

Discord calling its guilds "servers" is a really neat marketing trick and absolutely insidious because it screws with normal peoples' already bad understanding of what a "server" is, and erases the distinction between itself and decentralised services

i think its extremely not cool that humans dont get fangs or tails

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

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