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Even though the world is such a mess right now it does bring joy every time I see this
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GB Grid: is generating 0.00GW (0.00%) out of 29.18GW
Continuous time without coal: 36 hours

you should caption images, even if it's inconvenient

this doesn't mean that the government shouldn't still do it

three new gender clinics in the pipe? yeah sure that's good (although those were announced ages back), but you have had several years and the select committee report spelled out what was necessary forever ago
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Equalities Minister Liz Truss says changing the legislation is ‘not a top priority’ for trans people.

anyone know when GRA reforms are meant to be announced? 5 days left of summer... @GEOgovuk @trussliz @BorisJohnson ?

pol, idk 

does anyone know whether @wizard is still about somewhere? hope they're doing okay, can't seem to find them about, their instance has vanished and any other accounts I could find are all gone

first time browsing without an ad blocker in a while, and looks like Google has got the interest based advertising thing down to a fine art...

Nice having inoffensive ads like this @TeliaCarrier one rather than unscrupulous low quality stuff, can all web ad boxes be this chill

okay so, @ mutuals (and anyone else ig), I have found myself in Cardiff unexpectedly for today as of now ish... what do? :p

At least it means there's reasonably low latency to my home network, so can patch in and use my desktop for Work without issues, but whew

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cannot believe the one (1) thing I forgot to bring on our responsible staycation on the edge of nowhere was the length of Cat6 Ethernet cable

turns out the place has 350Mbit Virgin Media?! (yay!) ... but the AP is next door with a thick wall betwixt (fml!) & my booster's no help

cw: britpol
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This is a government account sharing a soft, piano, sweet little graphic that advocates sending people to their deaths and boasts about soon being free of human rights activists. Violence, with the calming aesthetics of a news channel weather update. Deeply unsettling propaganda.

cw: uspol, violence, trump
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👂LISTEN: “The spikes aren’t sharp enough. I want them so sharp they PIERCE HUMAN FLESH.”

DHS Chief of Staff under Trump @MilesTaylorUSA (REPUBLICAN) tells @MollyJongFast & @TheRickWilson Trump wanted a wall that “maims” immigrants.

On @NewAbnormalPod:

of course the above screenshot is only the case with my v6 router switched off for maintenance, @TheEnbyperor @as207960 has had me covered for a few months now :^)

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Looking forwards to switching providers tomorrow.
So long @ThreeUK and thanks for all the fish ... hello @zevvle 🎉

torn between 'remove JavaScript' and 'just remove all of the backbone routers'
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You can permanently remove 1 thing from the internet, what is it?

boosting for any US artists who might be interested! 💜
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I'd really love it if my iPad Pro goes to an artist that could really use it instead of selling it off, so please read!!🔽

- Reply with a link to your art and tell me a lil about yourself!! (Twitter, IG, Patreon, website, etc. all welcome!)
- Must ship to US address.

cw: politics

image: Animated cat explains to a woman, "Unskilled labor is a classist myth the rich use to justify poverty wages"
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