html, we need to have a talk about how unintuitive actually using checkboxes are in html forms

This tbh.

As Mallory explains, trans rights ARE important but it‘s little good just saying ‘trans rights’, adding pronouns to your bio and ticking your ‘I’m a wonderful ally’ box.

‘Trans rights‘ are foundational to trans liberation; alone they are the absolute bare minimum
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I hate the ubiquity of "trans rights" language as a question and as a slogan.

I hate seeing people in YouTube chats saying "hey leftoid, say trans…

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We've lowered the pricing for our 30 and 60 GB plans, as well as the optional unlimited calls & texts. 👀

This applies to all of our customers, immediately — we hate offering deals & discounts to new customers at the expense of our existing ones.

thank you Nintendo for doing just that and enabling the community to preserve 24TB of animation history across 4½ years <3
(shout out to @AustinSudomemo, @rakujira and @internetarchive)

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see also: you’ll never need to hardcode aws tokens if you leave your s3 buckets wide open
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secret developer lifehack no one wants you to know: you will never accidentally hardcode db credentials if you allow anonymous db access

honestly does trump even have a coherent plan??
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genius. if we hadn't let the other side vote, we would have won! likely true!

Been meaning to write a thread or something but Natalie shares a lot of similar thoughts here, we are all so exhausted and tired tbh.
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Absolutely fed up with this country. My existence is only political because a bunch of hateful individuals make it so, and a lot of the rest of you tolerate their nonsense.

Be better.

To be honest I’m cautiously optimistic about this inquiry because this government needs to be held accountable for persistently failing trans (and especially non binary) people in the UK

On the other hand, it’s unfair asking us to put even more emotional labour in
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Okay okay I saw this and freaked.

But here is the rub.

This is an inquiry. This is not a consultation.

This will mean that @trussliz is going to hav…

Guerrilla Software Liberation

If you have access to software or hardware documentation that is proprietary and is otherwise undocumented, it is your duty as a good librepunk to leak it.

This includes API documentation, Verilog, schematics, and source code.

Make torrents, put it on IPFS, put it on every git instance imaginable.

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good design: the developers of N++ found that a lot of playtesters felt like they sucked at the game because they kept dying, so they made it so that the demos that play on the title screen are all of the character failing. you'll never see the ninja on the menu reach the exit. it's as if to say "don't worry, you're supposed to die a lot. you'll get there."

hilarious design: as you play the game, those demos get replaced with your own fuckups

@devurandom and acting as the original drive for the Windows NT ARM port :)

opening system preferences desktop and screen saver pane takes several minutes

this cannot be right

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note to self (and future tech necromancers): do not attempt to install and run macOS Big Sur public beta on an APFS partition on a 5400rpm hard drive connected via a cheap USB3 UASP bridge

i mean at least it boots but something in this entire chain has left it as slow as treacle

I scored 29/45 on @pluralsight's ultimate ! How well do you know throwback tech?

where were you when you found out the UK's track and trace software (which cost 12 billion quid) has excel as a backing database

sadly there is a backlog of cases which were untracked because they exceeded the excel row limit

worry not, they have solved the problem and are now using two excel files to keep track of people

“the laws of epidemiology are very commendable, but the only law that applies in New York is the law of New York”
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"If you are six feet apart you do not need to wear a mask," Cuomo says of not wearing a mask inside if you are six feet across.

When asked about virus traveling through air: "The law is a mask. The law is not a helmet."

cw: physical abuse
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Tw: Physical abuse

I'm begging y'll to please help me!! 😭🙏 sorry for asking help again but i just badly need it rn! 😭 my homophobic father just find out where i am hiding. He hurt me again for the second time around. I am so afraid & nervous since my friend is not here. 😭

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