Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

@evelyn @kaasiand what’s your gender but it’s an unannotated field that only accepts british phone numbers on Market A exchanges

@neil Call me cynical but I suspect ‘profit’ is the key one… 🤔

signing up to a forum and under my avi on each post:
Gender: gb-nr:RT Network Rail

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there is some part of me that wants to make a site that has mandatory questions with totally meaningless options, what's your gender? here's a dropdown list of UK train operators, fuck you

oh my god web development

i love you but i hate you but i love you

In 2013, someone requested a guided/graphical installer for #NixOS for the first time. There have been at least 6 attempts so far that all failed. Now, 9 years later, we have finally merged an implementation based on the #Calamares framework. It will be part of the stable release at the end of this month and is already available in unstable.

If you can teach a shark on how to solder you can teach anyone!

@ahnlak @revk heh, yeah, I woke up one day to find my server pegged at 100% CPU, wifi slow, and the Unifi controller (fortunately at least running in a container!) printing Monopoly money for someone far afield 😅

@Snuggle generally somewhere around 11pm-midnight — sometimes a bit later if friends in the US are online and we spend a while talking, I have been known fall asleep in voice calls 🤭

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

occasional reminder that if you still want to follow your friends without having an account.

"nitter" is a program that parses twitter remotely, and it can turn user profiles into RSS feeds.

"Be careful this Halloween, hackers are distributing candy with embedded Linux systems inside!"
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