html, we need to have a talk about how unintuitive actually using checkboxes are in html forms

cw: physical abuse
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Tw: Physical abuse

I'm begging y'll to please help me!! 😭🙏 sorry for asking help again but i just badly need it rn! 😭 my homophobic father just find out where i am hiding. He hurt me again for the second time around. I am so afraid & nervous since my friend is not here. 😭

first time browsing without an ad blocker in a while, and looks like Google has got the interest based advertising thing down to a fine art...

Nice having inoffensive ads like this @TeliaCarrier one rather than unscrupulous low quality stuff, can all web ad boxes be this chill

cw: uspol, violence, trump
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👂LISTEN: “The spikes aren’t sharp enough. I want them so sharp they PIERCE HUMAN FLESH.”

DHS Chief of Staff under Trump @MilesTaylorUSA (REPUBLICAN) tells @MollyJongFast & @TheRickWilson Trump wanted a wall that “maims” immigrants.

On @NewAbnormalPod:

of course the above screenshot is only the case with my v6 router switched off for maintenance, @TheEnbyperor @as207960 has had me covered for a few months now :^)

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Looking forwards to switching providers tomorrow.
So long @ThreeUK and thanks for all the fish ... hello @zevvle 🎉

boosting for any US artists who might be interested! 💜
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I'd really love it if my iPad Pro goes to an artist that could really use it instead of selling it off, so please read!!🔽

- Reply with a link to your art and tell me a lil about yourself!! (Twitter, IG, Patreon, website, etc. all welcome!)
- Must ship to US address.

cw: politics

image: Animated cat explains to a woman, "Unskilled labor is a classist myth the rich use to justify poverty wages"
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my f*ing god and they call us snowflakes
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Charlie Kirk: "Hundreds of people will commit suicide if you cancel college football"

This tiny 2nd hand netbook (underpowered not just by 2013 standards but even when it was made in 2008!) was used to do some of the key packet captures and early reverse engineering of Flipnote Hatena before it shut down, laying the foundations which made building @Sudomemo viable

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this upsets me as a computer witch

> A / 3 = C

NO it equals 3.33₁₀ (to 3 s.f) you fucks

A₁₆ = 10₁₀
C₁₆ = 12₁₀

12₁₀ ≠ 3.33₁₀

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Reminder that disney is actively giving your children anti-communist propaganda.

cw: satire

Downing Street sources say that @trussliz is set to announce plans for GRA reform centring around replacing the Gender Recognition Panel, widely panned as 'faceless' and 'over-bureaucratic', with a new 'cutting-edge AI gender superforecasting platform'
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is a simple, fast, and unique AI-powered tool that is used to get real-time by simply entering a name, , or email. It …

cw: re: Wiley's antisemitism
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So @TwitterSupport has started removing Wiley’s tweets. But they still have tweets up like “Jewish people you think you are too important I am sick of you.” Clearly violates the rules. The only answer is to permanently suspend his account. He will continue tweeting hate speech.

Full side-by-side of the changes:
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@thejsa_ @Nightinghawk I've just been through and highlighted (side by side) changes to the document... will attach here:

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I've written to the @commonslibrary in search of an explanation for this frankly alarming development; a copy of my email has been uploaded to the folder above, too.

(Direct link to PDF:

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Downloaded it again and it's 75KB and 6 pages lighter than yesterday's!
They've dropped the section on Page 4 titled "Protections and provisions for transgender pupils in schools" entirely and gutted all but the first subsection (5.1) of Section 5, "Gender recognition and minors"

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