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i wonder, is it possible to construct a complete Turing machine from Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
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I love philosophy

cw: ukpol

words cannot describe how much i despise this tory govt and everything it stands for
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Shot, chaser

cw: ukpol
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Just been for a walk. Local shopkeeper has displayed this 😂😂😂

Well beyond satire.

The post-Brexit mess isn't caused by "the crippling bureaucracy of the EU"; it's that of *being outside* the EU.

The idea of staying in the single market or EEA was slammed as "Brexit in name only", so why are we surprised when we don't keep the benefits?
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“My Lord, I have a cunning plan”

under the past 10 years of conservative government, they’ve scrapped EMA payments for English post 16 students, they’ve tripled university tuition fees, they’ve slashed education funding, they’ve plunged over 600,000 children into relative poverty

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Fun fact: the EU-UK post Brexit trade deal text includes a copy of the 7-bit ASCII table on page 977, just in case you happen to need it

oh no
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DHL suspending deliveries from Europe to Ireland and UK.

All shipments will be 'returned to sender immediately'.

i may be biased but this is top tier graphic design imo
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To finish off, here’s an exclusive peek at, and demo of, the internal tool we made back in 2018 to easily sign ‘SSLuigi' and ‘nds-constraint’ certs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Oh my god, there’s a word for it... REVENGE BEDTIME PROCRASTINATION

I’m not the only one who feels this way?

html, we need to have a talk about how unintuitive actually using checkboxes are in html forms

cw: physical abuse
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Tw: Physical abuse

I'm begging y'll to please help me!! 😭🙏 sorry for asking help again but i just badly need it rn! 😭 my homophobic father just find out where i am hiding. He hurt me again for the second time around. I am so afraid & nervous since my friend is not here. 😭

first time browsing without an ad blocker in a while, and looks like Google has got the interest based advertising thing down to a fine art...

Nice having inoffensive ads like this @TeliaCarrier one rather than unscrupulous low quality stuff, can all web ad boxes be this chill

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👂LISTEN: “The spikes aren’t sharp enough. I want them so sharp they PIERCE HUMAN FLESH.”

DHS Chief of Staff under Trump @MilesTaylorUSA (REPUBLICAN) tells @MollyJongFast & @TheRickWilson Trump wanted a wall that “maims” immigrants.

On @NewAbnormalPod:

of course the above screenshot is only the case with my v6 router switched off for maintenance, @TheEnbyperor @as207960 has had me covered for a few months now :^)

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