honestly have half a mind that we should all just strike for the 2021 and where safe, take to the streets.

if nobody turns up to sit this series of unfair, unsafe & unrealistic exams that are totally stacked against us with zero support, maybe they’ll finally listen?
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the government need to stop with “your education is important” bullshit. they voted against free school meals, slashed funding to mental heal…

under the past 10 years of conservative government, they’ve scrapped EMA payments for English post 16 students, they’ve tripled university tuition fees, they’ve slashed education funding, they’ve plunged over 600,000 children into relative poverty

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it’s no surprise that they continue to sacrifice us all to spread & catch the virus, and that they threatened legal action against any school who embarrassed them by daring to buck their anti-science agenda in suggesting the common sense move of remote tuition.

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they do not give a fuck about your education, and they do not give a fuck about you. to them, you are a cog in the machine that can be sacrificed with the stroke of a pen so that their mates’ share prices keep going up.

we cannot, and will not, accept this, not now, not ever.

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make your voices heard.

@nusuk @YoungLabourUK @educationgovuk

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