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I’ve just signed and sealed my letter to the PM, Boris Johnson, urging him to finally put his money where his mouth is and deliver real change for British trans* people + esp. youth who have for too long been utterly failed. Please share:

years of web design yet no real world use found for anything more than HTML 2

i think its extremely not cool that humans dont get fangs or tails

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

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seriously though: it's 2021 can we please emit compiler diagnostics that say which field isn't move-constructible

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Happy World Standards Day, a day where the entire world celebrates international standardization... well, the entire world except the US, which celebrates this on October 22nd πŸ˜‚

(I wish I was kidding)

the feeling of going "oh god how on earth am i gonna do this" to reaching a breakthrough and going "oh fuck yeah i can do THIS" is one of the best feelings ever

kinda-sorta begpost, boosts appreciated 

what's up gamers since money is tighter than it usually is for me right now [it seems i am not getting paid for employment right now] and I just gave myself a lot more regular expenses,

i thought i would kinda advertise my consulting services so um

you can hire me as a developer for software projects and my rates are very unreasonable so if you have money to burn, hit me up via email at half-kh-hacker at

bank: you MUST register with your LEGAL name! none of this TRANS GENDERED CRAP
me: what if i register as a business?
bank: no problem of course
me: what if the business name is my actual name, the one you don't want me to use?
bank: absolutely not a problem at all

It's only sex if it happens in one of those -sex places in England, otherwise it's just sparkling acrobatics.

hey nerds, i wanna sell my graphics card since i downgraded to a 1060

it's a geforce RTX2080 super, this one right here:

willing to ship within the EU

will *only* sell to people who actually wanna use it to play games, not mining crypto

they're selling on ebay for like 850 euros right now, which is absolutely mad, so i'll be asking for less than that

it's been used for ~ a year and a half, but since i prettymuch stopped playing games this year, it hasn't been used heavily

fundraising, urgent, please boost 

i need about $400 to pay for groceries and to renew my internet so i can find work again. ive been without work for about a month and ive barely been able to eat or sleep, and ive only had my phone to get online and make posts like this

anything helps
cashapp: $digitalcreature

If you're looking for a chance to get paid to write meaningful open source software, here's one of those rare opportunities. Fully remote.

We're hiring additional software engineers to join the SecureDrop team, an open source platform to protect journalists & whistleblowers. Our posting outlines the specific skillsets we're looking for:

If this describes you, please get in touch! Happy to answer questions.

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