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being non-binary is a crime in 616 countries

Today, I was criminally non-binary.

hello here is a beautiful cat thanks for your attention

If you feel bad, don't forget this exists

don't trust corporations

whats worse than surveillance system controlled by the goverment?

a: its a surveillance system controlled by a corporation.

Reminder that the NSA has a "CryptoKids" program to get children into security

- trading cards they give away at events!!!
- full page biographies for every CryptoKids™Ⓡ character


totally kewl

would a floss equivalent of e3 be called e-free? :thaenkin:

here is my revolutionary idea for developers: your app should always be in power saving mode, unless the user tells it otherwise

rob sheridan's analog glitch art is fucking amazing

stop calling cops pigs

pigs are good

cops are bad