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I forgot to say my fursona is a flamingo, a cool red and pink flamingo wearing pineapple stamped clothes

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covid, wtf 

a mayor from my country said we should take ozone in our asses to kill covid-19

Bad news folks... just had the mysteries of the universe revealed to me in flowing waves of knowledge, and there’s a big problem: they all suck ass

wanna be a menace to society?

try neopronouns, apparently,,

there are only two genders: cinematic blue/orange and bisexual lighting

what if instead of pirated software we called it liberated software

thoughts about post-apocalyptic fiction and climate change 

post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn't just depict the world after the end as basically mad max is very important

like, we can do better

we need more stories where people work together to help each other survive and build a community out of the ashes of the old world

instead of just... warlords or some shit

it'll be very important in the coming years

fiction informs our ideas about what's possible

if, after the climate apocalypse, we assume the only things we can do are recreate capitalism or devolve into barbarity -- then that's all that will ever happen

but a better world IS possible

and the time will come when it will be our job to build it

and that starts today, with the stories we tell

Just another day while civ6 is crashing my computer

gaming, deus ex 

still thinking about how, in Human Revolution, you can upgrade your arms, your legs, your skin, and your brain implants but not all the extra nipples they installed. let me sense etheric radiation, cowards

can straight people pls stop shoving their heterosexual lifestyles down my throat

1980s Yugoslavia's socialist opensource DIY home computer that didn't come from a company and became the local dominant computer for a good while.

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