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Happy 25th birthday Slackware!

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Praise a programmer you know today, they secretly want it

Just here to say how brilliant the soundtrack of Human Revolution by Michael McCann is.

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cat /usr/bin/mail
echo "No mail."

I dug out my 1st gen (did they ever update it?) Steam Controller just to be reminded that it doesn't have a real D-Pad, so playing Wipe-Out on PCSXR will be awkward...

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Just to reiterate because it's not obvious from the excerpt, Smyte is some kind of anti-harrassment API that a lot of large platforms (like npm and zendesk) were using. Twitter acquired it as a solution to their own harrassment problem and immediately shut everyone's access off, even though many companies had multi-year contracts with them! 😂

My game The Wastes (Windows, Linux) has seen a major update yesterday, along with a 70% discount on Steam. If you like older shooters from the early 2000s that come with bots, this might be for you!
It's also free-software and developed primarily on Linux with new features implemented and fixes sent out regularily.

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Today I made some progress on porting our blog from Medium to Hugo

Reminder to clean your ~/ dir, as well as the Downloads folder

Mine's a mess after a week

pls don't send me HTML mail, thanks

Thanks to someone on the Fedi I am really craving Pizza

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Today somebody wrote me a really nice email about how they saw some open source software I published, how they were building upon it, and thanked me for it. It made feel really great. More people should send these kind of emails (myself included), it's really validating and made my week.

Compiled new FreeCS binaries.
Bug fixes, license change to MIT...

Now onto creating waypoints for the bots, as I need for focus on getting those right.

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Mein neuer VAIO ist da, 11" Display, 16gb RAM, 875gramm, leider mit Intel CPU der 8. Generation und natürlich mit #Debian und #KDE als Oberfläche. Danke an #fcitx Nun kann ich japanische, deutsche und englische Eingaben leicht erledigen.

Am I the in the minority for preferring aliased fonts in regards to readability?

I can only code with one. Right now I prefer using Fixed [Sony] for all my programming

Anyone in the Steam Beta?
What are your thoughts on it?