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Some thoughts on recent stuff around diagnosis, treatment, telehealth, and mental health access

Decided to experiment with a slightly more dramatic wing today. Definitely more “cousins” than “sisters” but I’ll take what I can with my hooded eyes!

Not sure how long it’ll stay since I immediately decided to spend the day doing some organization and shelving, whoops! (CW: Selfie, eye contact)

Everyone really loved this spirited gourd, and he became a fast favorite. But then he started. Changing…

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Tonight on the Halloween Planet discord, we opened gifs up to everyone. At some point we got onto Pumpkins and I found this little guy on tenor

After putting it off for weeks, repainted my nails 💅

This is Holo Taco “Indigo Away” with “Aurora Unicorn Skin”

Since she's my Linux Whisperer and my Hit-By-A-Bus insurance, I thought it only right that I add her to the "Facilitated By" section for

The way I did this was... a horrible hack. Terrible.

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