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Contractors reaching out the morning of, via a text message, to “confirm your appointment”, and then assuming you aren’t available when you don’t reply? That is Violence against ADHD. If I put it on my calendar, assume I will not think about it again until I see it on my calendar. If I don’t tell you otherwise, assume we’re still on.

@esdin do people really do this...? I've always been anxious about the possibility, but so far I've never actually had something canceled due to not actively confirming the appointment. i assume the answer is yes, and that it happened to you, my response is more just one of... incredulity. who would ever think that was the right call...?

@Flonne it really depends on the service, and I’ve noticed trends based on metropolitan area. In SF and Austin contractors were almost aggressive on keeping the ball moving, whereas here in Orlando, and in other parts of Texas, it can feel like pulling teeth to get anything done.

@Flonne that said this one has been particularly egregious; most services are “reminds of an appointment, let us know if you need to cancel”, and even the ones that request confirmation usually do so more than 24 hours in advance.

@Flonne It’s just really horrible because it’s already hard enough to get things scheduled and keep them going when a contractor constantly leaves the ball in your court; to then basically “well whatever” on an appointment is just the cherry on top of a lot of mental energy spend.

@esdin Hm. I'm a fan of people following up because I'm not as disciplined as you yet (i.e. unreliable). But of course expecting you to reply outside of the scheduled time is silly.

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