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Are you a student, hobbyist, or established indie? Have questions about the industry, want feedback, or just looking to talk shop?

I hold open office hours every Thursday, scheduling available at

Jenn played through "Famicom Detective Club 2" on Switch this weekend and Ii am BLOWN AWAY by how lovingly recreated everything was.

We spent a lot of time listening to Famicom vs Super Famicom vs Switch music, and afterwards looking at how the scenes were displayed across time.

Because you know, building a Google Forms replacement so you can have it tied in directly to your systems is totally a reasonable thing to do.

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I've been building, like... an enterprise level tooling website for the Star Citizen org I help run over the past few years. And over the last month or so I've gone a bit overboard.

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How’s it going I have been very off of social media this month. It has been a pretty good month though.

Some thoughts on recent stuff around diagnosis, treatment, telehealth, and mental health access

We are hiring two Software Engineers for our Applications Team! You'll work on Tor Browser and future applications and help millions of people circumvent censorship and protect their privacy. All details here:

Today I learned that the in-game "manual" that Ralsei gives you in Deltarune 1 and that is a running joke because Kris doesn't ever read it actually exists in its entirety as images embedded in the game files, but there's no way in the game to actually access them

Entire thing on Imgur:

Contractors reaching out the morning of, via a text message, to “confirm your appointment”, and then assuming you aren’t available when you don’t reply? That is Violence against ADHD. If I put it on my calendar, assume I will not think about it again until I see it on my calendar. If I don’t tell you otherwise, assume we’re still on.

Don’t mind me, just hangin’ out, watching the Earth’s shadow

Mastodon as a CDN (Cat Delivery Network)

Mastodon as a CDN (Cat Delivery Network)

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