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better call saul finale 

Yeah πŸ˜”

disco elysium 

That one tumblr post that's like 'you can softlock the game in the tutorial mission' gives the example of sitting in the union boss' chair, which is like, not a softlock because you have several opportunities to get health recovery items before then?

If there's an actual way to make a build that you can't beat the game with it's not that, and it's not widely known


Do any of my American friends want to help me level an NA alt for FFXIV? I don't need, like, assistance in-game, I need someone to hang out with so I don't get bored

social media, harassment, etc. 

I think if you are upset that twitter is dogpiling someone, the very obviously worst thing to do is post about it

Invariably when people who have gone through that manage to talk about their experience, the horror of it basically always includes people who came to their defense, people who turned it into a conflict with two sides, people who used it to make points, etc. It's not just the harassment, it's the fact that people were talking about them at such scale that there was no possible escape from harassment.

Like, if you want someone to not be the main character of the internet why would you then bring more awareness to them and whatever inciting incident (if there even is one)? Is it because you genuinely think you can help them by doing so? Does what you have to say outweigh the costs of saying it? Does it actually need to be said while their harassment is ongoing?

video games, queer characters 

Why can't character action games or stealth games or cRPGs do this, why is it always either cutesy GBA-era throwbacks or fucking Guilty Gear

I want trans people with enemy step and short range teleports and vertical text boxes

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video games, queer characters 

I am dogshit at fighting games, I need games to be at the intersection of 'my shit' and 'actually has visible non-binary characters in it' like yesterday


Wild to me that the thing where downloading Final Fantasy XIV just doesn't work because a consistent part of the download will consistently fail their own checksum thing is still happening seemingly at random, globally

housing, annoying 

I spent a whole week denying myself socializing in order to clean up and the fucking property manager didn't even show up 😠😠😠


Purple Rain is just, one of the most songs

disco elysium 

I want the jacket. I want the jacket. I want the jacket. I want the jacket. I want the jacket. I want the jacket. I want

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disco elysium 

One of the marvels of Disco Elysium is that as long as your primary motivation is reading good text it's quite enjoyable at basically whatever level you'd like to engage it on, hopefully this means that lots of people will buy and play it and give the developers money to make more games

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disco elysium 

Disco Elysium can develop whatever reputation it wants, if people reduce it to the silly gay cop game or whatever that's fine by me as long as people buy and play it and give the developers money to make more games

stellaris but it's the boardgame this time 

Do I own too many board games about space politics? Yes

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stellaris but it's the boardgame this time 

The Stellaris boardgame looks... interesting

The rolling legacy format is not something I've seen before; your individual player board is persistent between games, but they only last for at most three games, so you can have a new player starting fresh next to players whose empires have already built up a bit of stuff over a couple of games, while maintaining a bit of an arc

I'm really curious to see how that would play out in practice! Getting the scale of a Twilight Imperium or something broken up over multiple sessions in a way that's actually feasible for adults to schedule would be very neat.

computer boasting 

This media server shit rules

All I have to do is plug in a download and it's 100% ready to watch with a TV remote-focused interface as soon as it's done, without me having to even look at it

I'm genuinely really proud of this

I wonder what delicious food we'll be making toda- ouugh my gawwwd, noooo


Wondering how feasible it would be to take the Root components and make, like, a Euro game of some kind

Something about like, community building and trade, stuff like that

Can I make jokes about Return to Forever

Does that, like, work

Will anyone get those

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Okay, fuck this *returns to forever*

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