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board games 

I have been thinking about this and it feels like the main barrier is the boards

Like, Splendor could easily take up a quarter of the space, but War of Whispers effectively has a hard limit for having the big board you unfold

Or Root (which I already feel is pretty tight for now much game there is), a game I need a separate box to keep all the boards for

What would an alternative to a single big board even look like for a game like that πŸ€”

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I have like 1000 hours in Stellaris, which is not good, but at least I know how to play it pretty well

hrt, gender is bad 

Honestly doing HRT without gender has been... idk. Nice, up until the second I am dealing with anything outside of my own body. I don't enjoy talking to people about it, especially with other people who are on HRT. I don't enjoy dealing with how my body is not particularly accounted for when it comes to finding clothes that fit. I don't like the many, many assumptions that are made about me because I started it, about my body, about my goals and wants, etc.

I mean ultimately I have to deal with all that kinda shit no matter what I do, that's gender. All the hormones are doing is making my body feel more pleasant to occupy. That's enough to stick with it and explore it, so like. What else matters

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hrt, gender is bad 

Meanwhile everyone else is like, talking about their own deeply personal experiences as though they're universal, telling me what's going to happen and just being straight up wrong, failing to acknowledge the basic reality that my body doesn't actually care about gender, it just kinda does stuff and bodies generally are far too complex to be reliably predictable on a scale of years

Because, yknow, gender

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The only thing that really would've been helpful to know goin into HRT is 'this will be an unpredictable and deeply personal experience, your body doesn't give a shit about what anyone else says is supposed to happen, especially people who have been through it'

The only person who said anything like that is my GP, and she didn't even say that exactly

better call saul s6e9 vague spoilers 

Now all he can taste is the blood

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Better Call Saul being the exception, which just aired yet another scene that's going to live in my head rent free forever

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Maybe if TV was good I would watch it

Instead of attempting to pick Elden Ring back up I am doing Heaven's Vault NG+, which arguably has been waiting longer

It's really an incredible little thing. The dialogue systems feel like magic, and the big language puzzle is exactly the kind of massive task I like picking apart (see also: Return of the Obra Dinn)

One of the rare games that has quite a lot of good writing. I'm curious to see how it branches differently this time around

Like, I think this is something people don't think about very often, and when I think about it in myself it usually reveals some bias or preconception that doesn't line up with what I would claim I base my decisions on

Which at the very least is a good thing to be aware of

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I think "Have you thought about why you want that" would a very useful and illuminating question to be able to ask basically anyone about anything

silk sonic 

Still thinking about the bit in After Last Night where they sing "Throw my phone out the window, there's no player in me" about how they're committing to this one girl and then the next verse starts with "If I still had my phone"

board games 

Here's my board game business idea

Smaller boxes

I sell boxes for board games that aren't way bigger than they need to be, so you can fit more board games in your board game storage area

Also the boxes and inserts will look nice


I forgot how fucking great having a local music collection is

Not sure how it ended up being this way but I really do love just, like, organizing files and metadata and stuff

computer organizing 

That workflow is:

Download to E: -> move to appropriate location in F: -> use MusicBrainz Picard to tidy up metadata -> use Bulk Rename Utility to tidy up filenames -> done

Which, y'know, isn't quite a Spotify one-click, but I like maintaining this kind of system, and when it comes to music almost all the work is already done for me

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computer organizing 

That was all done, and I took the opportunity to tidy up my files a lot, so now all the music I had saved locally (which wasn't a lot) is all organized and has accurate enough metadata, the filenames are all tidy, folders are set to a view mode that looks nice, etc.

I think I want to start building a local music collection again, now that I have a bit of a workflow for keeping it organized that sounds a lot more appealing

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gender is bad, angry 

Fact is that most people want gender abolished to precisely the point that personally suits them, and not a single step more, no matter who else is hurt by it

There is no version of gender that isn't going to hurt people. There are no circumstances under which a set of arbitrary aesthetic norms applied uniformly across an entire society doesn't create outcasts and targets for violence, and the entire point of gender is to be applied uniformly, that's how it works

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gender is bad, angry 

I'm not non-binary, I'm not trans, I'm not transitioning, and the constant infliction of these labels on me because I don't conform to gender norms is fuckin exhausting

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