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I will probably move to octodon in the morning πŸ‘

Elton John singing slow sad ballads about men >>>>>>>>>

Esby relayed

Corollary: Relationships that go beyond the surface level should involve obligation to the other person. "I like you" on its own is not a meaningful relationship; "I am here for you in a specific way" is.

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stellaris idea 

Idk how to fix hyper relays but an idea I think I prefer is to add a starbase building that increases sublight speed in systems x jumps away, where x is the number of the building built (much like trade hubs)

If two starbases have overlapping range of increased speed area, ships can jump directly from one to the other. You could also model the planetary effects of hyper relays this way; any planets in affected systems get the benefit if there is a continuous path of affected systems to the capital

That way jumps are from the center of the system, avoiding a lot of awkwardness, they have broader usage than just developing specific systems with a construction ship, and their usage scales through the game along with starbase size

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stellaris complaining 

Two unfun changes I've been grappling with:
- At some point they made it that a planetary FTL inhibitor stops working when the planet reaches 50% devastation, which is a really weird idea to me? It means you can't actually develop a planet to work as a military chokepoint, the amount of defensive structure on it is mostly irrelevant to its functionality as a piece of 'stellar terrain', which is not fun mechanically or thematically
- Hyper relays are an okay idea but in practice the disconnect between system and galaxy view makes them finicky and awful to work around during war. Ships jump around in really annoying ways and you have to do a bunch of little tricks to not get screwed over by it

Like, there's so much shit but the only thing you can totally rely on in a war is raw fleet strength, and the AI is basically always going to have bigger numbers. Everything else is fuzzy and difficult

I acknowledge that it's not for everyone but when it comes to getting decent pizza with toppings I like there is a degree of hostility towards customers that I'm willing to overlook

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boys state (it's a documentary about 17-year-old Texans doing a model government) 

Nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare

Songs that have played:
- ABC by the Jackson 5s
- Ain't That a Kick in the Head
- Livin La Vida Loca
- Fucking Vengabus just came on holy shit

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Ordering from a historically risky pizza place, it's been like 90 minutes since I did, so I called to check in

Someone answered but never said anything, they clearly just put the receiver down and went to do stuff

I can hear the music in the store, and like, one person who seems kinda stressed

I feel a little bad but also this is really funny

no country for old men 

Agency isn't really all it's cracked up to be, is it

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Movies that make you "[impact font text] man"

computer stuff 

Ended up doing another Windows reinstall to try and fix some persistent FFXIV crashing 😩 But now I got jackett running on the media server, so the entire media pipeline (find download -> download download -> organize download -> watch download) can be run from there.

I've also fixed my local network backups, so now my entire 'stuff I make' drive is backed up to the network. My medium-to-low importance password database is also syncing to the network server, and from there to my other devicesπŸ˜„

At some point bf wants to backup those backups to somewhere off the local network, which I'm keen for.


Cleared P4S on the last day we had available to clear with this group 😌

Our Dancer is leaving the static and people are gonna be busy all next week so we weren't going to have any more chances, and we managed to pull through with time for a reclear

Feels really good to get through it, especially with all the crashes and brief disconnects I've been having

better call saul finale 

Yeah πŸ˜”

disco elysium 

That one tumblr post that's like 'you can softlock the game in the tutorial mission' gives the example of sitting in the union boss' chair, which is like, not a softlock because you have several opportunities to get health recovery items before then?

If there's an actual way to make a build that you can't beat the game with it's not that, and it's not widely known


Do any of my American friends want to help me level an NA alt for FFXIV? I don't need, like, assistance in-game, I need someone to hang out with so I don't get bored

social media, harassment, etc. 

I think if you are upset that twitter is dogpiling someone, the very obviously worst thing to do is post about it

Invariably when people who have gone through that manage to talk about their experience, the horror of it basically always includes people who came to their defense, people who turned it into a conflict with two sides, people who used it to make points, etc. It's not just the harassment, it's the fact that people were talking about them at such scale that there was no possible escape from harassment.

Like, if you want someone to not be the main character of the internet why would you then bring more awareness to them and whatever inciting incident (if there even is one)? Is it because you genuinely think you can help them by doing so? Does what you have to say outweigh the costs of saying it? Does it actually need to be said while their harassment is ongoing?

video games, queer characters 

Why can't character action games or stealth games or cRPGs do this, why is it always either cutesy GBA-era throwbacks or fucking Guilty Gear

I want trans people with enemy step and short range teleports and vertical text boxes

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video games, queer characters 

I am dogshit at fighting games, I need games to be at the intersection of 'my shit' and 'actually has visible non-binary characters in it' like yesterday


Wild to me that the thing where downloading Final Fantasy XIV just doesn't work because a consistent part of the download will consistently fail their own checksum thing is still happening seemingly at random, globally

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