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Cleared P4S on the last day we had available to clear with this group 😌

Our Dancer is leaving the static and people are gonna be busy all next week so we weren't going to have any more chances, and we managed to pull through with time for a reclear

Feels really good to get through it, especially with all the crashes and brief disconnects I've been having

computer stuff 

Also you get to pretty it up all over again 🤩

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computer purchasing 

New little case, Switch for scale

Might not be able to get to it until the weekend but I am excited

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Got three classes to 90 in one night 😤

ux design course complaining 

Oh for fucks sake

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They really went off with the Amaro, absolute peak fantasy travel buddy design

The scraggly beak, the lil horns, the scruffy feathers, the extra wings, the big sad eyes

Good shit

wordle, it's actually quordle but whatever 

Bro what the fuck

That painting I got is finally framed 😄 Remembered that was happening while I was out getting a haircut, scooped it up after the guy took a couple of minutes to get a string on it

ffxiv endwalker music goof 

Datamining has uncovered a version of the final Endwalker zone's music with alternate vocals, wow!

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ffxiv, hud talk 

Put a bit of time in to work on the bits of HUD in the middle of the screen that have all the really important info on them

This is at least as fun as the rest of the game

stone ocean op screencap 

Why does it have to be Tom Cruise...

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