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social media, harassment, etc. 

I think if you are upset that twitter is dogpiling someone, the very obviously worst thing to do is post about it

Invariably when people who have gone through that manage to talk about their experience, the horror of it basically always includes people who came to their defense, people who turned it into a conflict with two sides, people who used it to make points, etc. It's not just the harassment, it's the fact that people were talking about them at such scale that there was no possible escape from harassment.

Like, if you want someone to not be the main character of the internet why would you then bring more awareness to them and whatever inciting incident (if there even is one)? Is it because you genuinely think you can help them by doing so? Does what you have to say outweigh the costs of saying it? Does it actually need to be said while their harassment is ongoing?

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