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Bf and I got the media server upgraded last night! It's running new ubuntu with a desktop environment so we can use it with the TV, and we've put most of our old hard drives in it.

To do:
- open up old external HDD boxes and put the drives in the server, btrfs em
- find a media player thing for ubuntu desktop
- possibly also a music player? for funsies
- get in a SATA PCIe thing for more drives, get in a longer HDMI cable so we can put the box out of the way
- file organization! exciting to think about
- move existing media collection into said files
- probably some stuff I'm forgetting

computer stuff 

Also, we have an extra 128GB 2.5" SSD that we don't really know what to do with, so I'm just gonna slap it in my computer since it's the only one that has room. No idea what it'll actually be used for, I kinda did my storage up really nicely already, but 🤷

computer stuff 

Okay so, been working on it all day and it's done and it's perfect 😤😤😤

Jellyfin manages the media libraries, it automatically scoops up everything that ends up in the videos, applies metadata and everything. Kodi knows where those files are and plays them natively (so no transcoding) but it uses the database from Jellyfin, which is way faster and more thorough. We can also stream stuff from Jellyfin to wherever we want, except 4K video, which we can just watch natively on the actual 4K tv

The Kodi remote app works great for playing stuff, the Jellyfin app works great for managing the libraries

We need to wait for some more hardware to come in (there's gonna be like 10 drives in there so we need more SATA ports) but once that's done we can finish copying the old files off the big external HDD, take it out of the case and put it in the server. Then I can get Deluge goin again

Yeehaw 😎

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