good immigration news 

Bf got his permanent visa πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


I've only played three rounds with one group but Job Job is probably the best Jackbox game now, I was in tears the entire time

talking heads goof 

Hey, uh, is your house in motion?

Well you better go catch it!!!

ergonomic tech 

Ughhhhh the vertical mouse feels really good, like, immediately relieving hand pain more than I thought I had

I don't wanna have to get into ergonomic everything (my keyboard is very nice already) but it's hard to argue with the results

expensive tech purchase 

I bought an ESD safe electric duster to clean computer shit with! I no longer require therapy

promare, long, queer art 

Like a lot of queer art is about humanizing, justifying, or otherwise defending the existence of queer people from a hateful world, whether that is textual or meta-textual. That's great! A lot of queer people need that. They need to realize that they are good and deserve love and tenderness, and to have a chance experience anything other than hate and derision and mockery

Promare doesn't bother with that shit tho! It is utterly uncompromising. These people deserve to exist, and be who they are, done, time to move on. That's step one. Step two is beating the ass of anyone who has anything to say otherwise, with a massive fuckoff robot

I think there's a lot of room for that kind of story. Stories that are *for* us more than they are *about* us. Stories that don't try to depict the breadth of queerness, stories that don't feel the need to justify it. Stories that are just fun as fuck if you're gay as hell, with cute boys kissing and massive robots and shit

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promare, long 

Promare was so fucking good like

Not only was it a studio with a history of no-homoing the dudes in their work outside of awful stereotypes just like, letting the kind of relationship that fills their work be a queer masculine one, the story is also about queer liberation, of giving the same 'fuck yeah let's wreck shit' attitude to explicitly queer characters AND to subtextually queer oppression (or at least, oppression that is vague enough that it's easily applied to queer people, signified with queer iconography)

It's not, like, a sophisticated exploration of queerness or anything, because it's a fucking Studio Trigger giant robot fights anime! It's a movie for queer fans of that kind of work, something where their struggle is ended the same catharsis that was given to moody adolescent boys in Gurren Lagann, etc.

tech, promare 

Did a big tech refresh!
- My phone is now officially supported by LineageOS so it's running that version instead of the non official one
- New RasPi 4 has my cross-device password database on it and is running Jellyfin for movie watching (maybe! Might need a bit)
- A couple of name changes and config tweaks here and there

Anyway that's boring shit, what really matters is my new phone wallpaper

ffxiv, transphobia 

Tryin to find free companies to join is such a pain in the ass, they're all "Friendly and social! Small but growing!", but like

Are you gonna make an effort to get my pronouns right or nah

video game piracy 

You probably won't be able to play Dread in five years without having to dig up unsupported hardware. You won't be able to buy it digitally in ten.

Nintendo executives have elected to prioritize business over art preservation. Preserving their work anyway is good, actually

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video game piracy 

Paraphrasing an argument: "Metroid games have had poor sales, so advocating for piracy of Dread hurts our chances of getting more Metroid games"

Maybe Metroid games would have had better sales if you could have bought and played them on current hardware in the last decade


Joined an FC like 2-3 weeks ago, because I want to play the game with people

Made a suggestion last week for a synced clears event, because I want to do old content and I want to actually play it. Said I'd be down to run it, and that I had a whole plan and everything, was told that someone else would put it together.

They announce an unsynced clears night, and to be fair it's really well put together! But it's not synced, it's unsynced. Those are not remotely the same thing.

I offered some pointers for the unsynced night and expressed an interest in running a synced clears night some other time well after the unsynced clears

Admin comes in like "guess our events aren't good enough for you" then kicks me from the Discord and FC when I say that unsynced and synced are different events

Baffling shit

old tumblr post, gender, nonsense 

Gender removal
Without approval
I found your name and address on the google

They put Aqualung in every prog rock playlist on Spotify specifically to bother me. This is a personal attack and I won't stand for it

dorky tech shit 

Names in use in my new network naming scheme thing so far;
- auriceps
- calolaemus
- mirabilis
- rufescens

deathloop final verdict 

I have a lot of complaints about Deathloop, but it still compelled me to finish it, which is more than a lot of other games can say lately

Like even with a bunch of what I would call missteps and missed opportunities, it's still an Arkane game, and there's a lot of good in that

"Hey, are you okay?"
What are you, a cop?

ffxiv ramble 

Thinkin about Final Fantasy FC structures again, and how to do old content in groups

Maybe a Journal clear night? People can submit things they haven't cleared yet, and everyone who joins plays the most submitted thing, going down the list until they get bored

Like the problem with casual old content events that pick one thing and finish it is all the story in between each thing, people get bored and distracted

So maybe a better thing is bouncing around between duties as needed

So maybe one night would be the first Ivalice Raid + a chunk of normal raids + an extreme trial synced, or something

Idk! Trying to get a group of dedicated players to do old content is hard. I think it's a bigger problem than people give it credit for

It's not like you can't just queue for most of this stuff, but like, why let new people join your FC if they're not gonna be able to join any activities for months

If you wanna accommodate new players you gotta make the effort, organize events, etc.

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