I see why a lot of artists are moving to Masto now

thank butts my music is at least slightly discoverable outside of me just talking about it on social media o_o

@es2600fm They're really trying their damned hardest to destroy their own platform, huh?

@Jo apparently x_x and this is some kind of needlessly hostile crap

@Jo @es2600fm Doesn't make much sense but they enjoy censorship especially of indepdent people similar to what youtube is doing.

@es2600fm I think it applies across mediums too, if you could get music fans using it I think it would be *incredibly* powerful too. Shame that it's still mostly a geek thing and difficult to get the uninitiated to sign up. I'd love to have all my friends on the london music scene up in here!

@gaffen it would be nice to see more music scenes here, yeah, cause atm i don't really see any big scenes, or haven't at least

@es2600fm Unfortunately musicians haven't quite seen what damage Facebook and Spotify are doing... Even though it's become well known that the only way to get page posts to your fans is to pay for the luxury. We need to have a similar 'exodus' moment!

img is tweet posted by at 1.06pm (timezone unknown), transcript:

"twitter is now:
- shadowbanning people who RT their art
- hiding posts with more than one hashtag
- hiding said retweeted posts
- hiding bumped posts
- banning people that post 'artist promo' tweets that retweet others

Small artists need your love more than ever now"

@bunnyhero yep, this is all completely new news to me and i'm like

why's jack an idiot lol

@es2600fm Sad day for Birdsite, but what a great day for Mastodon. Good that something like this cannot happen here. Welcome to all new people!

The dummies at Twitter still believe they have a monopoly. :blobcat3c:

@rick_777 @es2600fm Let them. It means that birbsite is less likely to come after us with patent violation lawsuits or some bullshit like that.


Not just a free market; a market in which cooperatives are allowed to exist.

@es2600fm … I don't even… what? So… uh… I guess art doesn't generate enough outrage or something?

@kirby yeah, i guess the only things that are a-okay to tweet about is arguing with with, shouting, nazis and uhhh fudging cringy brands appealing to kids lol

@christopher so far all i've found is a Verge article about how twitter is struggling to gain and retain new users

but i have no idea how sticking a knife in the tires of small artists is supposed to fix that problem lol

@es2600fm I really only ever used Twitter _at all_ to talk about my music :/ didn't realize I was gonna be lowkey punished for it moving forward, jeez

@es2600fm none of that is true. the first person who posted this was mistaken and others started posting along with them. its in good intent but its not true

JACK, somewhere: "Those damn artists, taking up my precious political space, preventing people from engaging with vitriol... OFF MY PLATFORM!!!!"

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