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whatever you do don't use the nexus portal in the new no man's sky player hub because there's a bug where it'll wipe ownership of your bases lol

the capital freighter feature in no man's sky has to be probably one of my favorite things about these updates

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i found out that there is PVP in the new no man's sky update and you can infact kill people lol uh oh

"Let me speak to the manager" or, TERF Gender

thank HECK i didn't let him take control of my music on distrokid lol

i'm getting increasingly nervous about this label manager not responding to me for an entire week cause he controls not only the release of Terminus but also when I get paid any money from purchases/preorders >.>

i think i'm gonna need some new drum packs before Ride Eternal

wow classic was a bad idea because now blizz probably thinks they have double the reason to have a subscription cost in 2019

Here's the charity album I'm part of, put together by, all proceeds go to Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and National Alliance on Mental Illness

I know I'm right

and if he ever finishes the game you will see

I was invading someone's base in Phantom Pain when I suddenly realized Death Stranding is about Metal Gear

A big ass metaphor about Konami stealing Kojima's baby

lol as soon as the MGS5 'no more nukes' cinematic ends you get a call that people are developing more

so much for that

I load up Phantom Pain after like 3 years of not doing so, and I get a cutscene saying all the nukes are gone lol well okay nice

the new rocko is good, altho a little sad that this movie is basically saying 'sorry it isn't coming back' lol

this new rocko is like double to triple layers of meta

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