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SECOND CHANCES, a remaster of the past; a celebration bringing to fruition 3 years of Eyeshadow 2600 FM! Releases October 25th, Happy Halloween 🧡🎃👊

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[RE]Intro 2.0 with bug fixes 

facebook trying to catch me in a scheme with a '5 dollar credit' to boost my work on fb but nah i'm not falling for it

Am not sure which social media site that paypal came from but thank you ♥

almost 2 years of being given the silent treatment anytime i bring up my feelings or anxiety should've been a warning sign but not having many friends, or people who know i exist makes things complicated lol

Like I dunno I guess if I had more friends I wouldn't focus so much on how like ... my only close friend doesn't pay me much mind anymore

i tell my one friend I feel like our friendship is kinda slipping away, and as a response she ignores me for i dunno what is it, 15 hours now lol

I haven't ever really been the biggest fan of fortnite but this 22 hours black hole has got me wondering what's actually happening in this game next lol

in other non-depressing news, fortnite is still a black hole and nobody knows wtf epic is even remotely doing

I dunno tho maybe I should give it til the end of the month and see if thousands of spotify listeners makes any difference on this 3 month grace period bullcrap distrokid calls a 'delay' lol

I think some of my anger shines through pieces of the music I make, and dang I do have a lot of reasons to be angry

But what doesn't kill you makes you really angry

When people told me 'life isn't fair' i didn't know they meant 'life is so ridiculously unfair that you will be on the brink of death and life will spit in your face'

I'm sure there are people who get mad that I get mad about how absolutely mission impossible it is to make money as a freelancer but every single person who has ever gotten mad or perturbed at me is someone who has an income and health insurance

Like just imagine going through probably the worst 2 year situation of your life, and looking at the prospect of going right back to it, because hardwork and self promotion isn't enough to build up to even minimum wage

but the fact that i didn't sue walmart, and kind of just quietly vanished into the nothingness, might give them reason to rehire me

the things walmart subjected me to the last time around are the sorts of things you could use a company for and walk away with a settlement from, but i didn't, because i was dumb

and the prospect of having to go back because reaching people with my music is a years long fight is like

please for the love of god listen to my work lol

like, pennsylvania is a place with not many jobs, and a majority of jobs that exist are sucked up by walmart

i really don't want to go back, because i might have to put myself back into the closet, I dunno

if i somehow have an income before i make my final decision then i don't have to worry about more trauma

I'm contemplating going back to walmart, if they'll even take me, because they're going to ask me why i left and i can't say "well discrimination"

but what if i told them "i left to make music"

people who say they despise having to ask for donations makes me wonder if they feel the same way when they see other people doing it

in other words, there is nothing wrong asking for help yalls

eating teriyaki chicken while i watch a black hole

what a sunday

I'm seeing 3 people that moved off, is this instance okay o_o

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