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Eyeshadow 2600 FM returns with a face-pounding sledgehammer, 'Supernatural' available now 🧡🎃🤟

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Woo! Second Chances, the remaster of ES2600FM tracks from the past, is now released at a dollar 😎

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[RE]Intro 2.0 with bug fixes 

i'm reading a thread on twitter, apparently disney retouched all of star wars before + launched

one side: han shot first
the other side: greedo shot first

i was about to say 'why use disney+ anyway, the mandalorian is on pirate streaming!'

but then i looked, and

uh, it's not here o_o

you can only play skyrim so many times before your brain is fried and screaming at you

but like, one of the reasons i look for entertainment, or ask for new games, or what-have-you, is because being alone in a room with my work gets extremely exhausting, and without entertainment you would so me breaking down on here day in and day out lol

no i didn't sub to disney+ and i ai'nt gonna but that's besides the point

when people describing subscribing to entertainment that costs like 6 or 7 dollars a month as something rich people do it makes me feel hella bad for using what little money i have to subscribe to entertainment for 5 or 6 or 7 dollars a month lol

Eyeshadow 2600 FM returns with a face-pounding sledgehammer, 'Supernatural' available now 🧡🎃🤟

listening to Turbo Killer 47 times in a row everyday until the progressions and the sound are imprinted on my brain

reactionaries on pleroma instances pretending to be confused about why is listed as a sexual predator instance lol

yall think sealioning is still a workable strategy huh

i've been thinking like, maybe one of the reasons it's so hard to get ahead in the electronic music scene isn't because it's hard to reach out to individuals, but more that as time goes forward in this boom of indie music, people and companies with endless money are working overtime to shutdown the competition

apocalyptic movies quoting humanity under capitalism is both what destroyed the world and also normal human nature haha

it's not human nature. it's billionaire nature, but not human nature

i'm about to give up on trying to figure out spotify lol monthly listeners appear to be going up, finally, and then they go down and it's like

what the butt is even going on here

alcoholism mention 

alcoholism mention 

antisemitism, block recommendation 

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