one mastodon feature I'd like to see is the ability to customize your own timeline by selecting instances, so it's not either just local or the whole fediverse.

It'd be like building your own little neighborhood.

@eris eeeeehhhh "It'd be like building your own little neighborhood." doesn't that seem dangerous?

@FrozenDroid @eris what? I'm sure many people just look at the posts from the people they actually follow rather than bothering with the local or federated timelines, is that also an echo chamber? 🙄

@FrozenDroid @eris yes because echo Chambers only exist when people customise their feed... 🙄

@eris is this like being able to display a whitelist instead of blocking instances?

@eris mmm

if we could do that I'd actually look at the federated tl...

@eris Yes, because the fed timeline is scrolling so fast that it is impossible to read unless one has photographic memory. Maybe hire a robot? :( #ask_tech

@eris I wondered about this the other day. Like, it might be nice to be able to create a custom timelines to see just posts from a particular instance, or a few you're interested in. I'm not sure if admins of other instances would like people being able to do that, already kinda happens naturally through the federated feed, right? It would basically just be filtering that.

@eris @Mastodon Customized timeline by selecting instances would be nice!

@eris This but add a dropdown list of # to browse that's customizable

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