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Hello, I make dark, gothic electronic music. you can listen to it here

it is usually tinged with industrial experimentation and sometimes goes into full on noise but the vast majority is melodic and fairly chill.

I have a separate account dedicated to my music here @eris

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follow me for dog pics, stay for phone queue live toots

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uh my apartment is a mess

the words "low effort" comes to mind

I think a lot of these trailers are cut together by the video distributors themselves and are _very_ different from what you'd expect from a movie trailer lol

I'll include all the trailers too.

Ok, I'm going to upload a couple of vhs rips to yt soon:

Angel Town (1990)
Dusty (1983)
Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992)
Terminal Entry (1987)
The Killing Game (1988)

none of these Absolute Classics are available on dvd or any streaming services that I could find.

A couple are already on youtube but not with exciting swedish subtitles.

I should upload that to my yt channel... I think I ripped it already