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It's a fluffmonster's first birthday today! She got a new toy and my dad and I are gonna go pick out a gourmet treat for her at Pet Supplies Plus later.

here's the Lady Battle Cop theme song, it kicks serious ass (as does the whole movie, highly recommended).

cw for guns, violence

lb: I can't get over that that line is the chorus of Lady Battlecop's theme song... yeah, she was a tennis player, but... like... just, I mean

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I'm actually gonna use my artists account for my music again @eris

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Miso you're six years old you should know how this whole going for walks and doing your business thing works by now

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gonna do a big thread of all the Jun Togawa songs that make me choke up/cry.

not today though.

it's hard to find dresses I feel fit me ok so I'm very happy about this :)

back from the store. I didn't get anything on the sale cause I found this great knitted, polo necked dress (black ofc). Got that one instead of two discounted items.

also got leggings, pantyhose and a dark purple eye shadow so I'm all set to be away for a few days.

(Autocomplete wanted that to be "Rise of the doggos".)

Having a very Immersive Gameing Experience with Rise of the Tomb raider cause it's cold as fuck in my apartment too.

Have I ever told you how much I love Jun Togawa? I have? Several times even? well ok then.

Yapoos - Not Dead Luna (Dadada ism, 1992)

watched The Night Comes For Us again last night. my favorite film of 2018, by a wide margin.

it's even my fav in several years.

had to wash Knytte & Miso's paws cause someone had flooded the sidewalk with oil. bleh

good morning.

had planned to get up early and go to a sale at a store to maybe pick up some clothes, but Miso stretched out next to me as the alarm was about to go off so I had to stay in bed for two extra hours and give her hugs.

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