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Hello, I make dark, gothic electronic music. you can listen to it here

it is usually tinged with industrial experimentation and sometimes goes into full on noise but the vast majority is melodic and fairly chill.

The most prominent influence on my music is Coil, so that's kinda where it's at.

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after 4 years of hardship and perseverance, my sad & gay self-titled synthpop LP is done and available for pre-order!! 1 dollar gets you the tracks "Omnifeel" and "I Think I Have a Problem" and a link to the full album on Dec. 1st! pls spread the word

got the gamecube controller and it's bad (cheap 3rd party).

but it works and loading GC iso files on the Wii works.

now I just need to figure out why I can't seem to load games from this HDD, the 32 gig usb stick doesn't really cut it.

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Might as well start this account with my OCs!
Void, Spiral and Nova

oh good, the person who had made this mystery appointment had just made a mistake so that was no problem.

oh sweet, my old winter coat is still good.

I'll probably need new boots though.

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good morning

I am a shining ribbon, a moon's breath parting oceans of blood and porcelain.

#gothtober #fediplay

(by the implacable and wonderful @eris)

damn, it feels like KeePass is just randomly forgetting passwords

oh no I'm on Mandarake but I need my money for Necessary Things.

good news everyone!

turns out the cpu fan wasn't the only one making Bad Noises.

oh well, the other fans are easy to replace... might be the psu though.
it's probably time to replace that anyway soon.

the noise is not too bad, so I'll get on that next time I have money after I've changed my last name maybe.

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my razer drivers got fucked up somehow?

I did expect something to go wrong but.. not that.

bsod when trying to log in to windows, fixed it by disconnecting the usb powering the key light.

Ok, new fan installed and working. Time to plug everything back in.

Oh right. That's why I didn't do this sooner. It's got a backplate.

well, I opened the box and looked at the fan.

that's one step closer to cpu fan replacement.

How could I have missed this amazing song? That ending...

I should make a Jun Togawa playlist listing her songs from "will almost certainly make me cry" to "will probably make me cry"... would be a pretty long list though.

Vampillia & Jun Togawa - Lilac (The Divine Move, 2014)

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