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Anne-Eris relayed

Renge and Gu are the protectors of my unused micro sd cards (in the basket)

just renewed

most of the cost was my email address, which I practically never use. I just have it listed on my website that no one visits, also messages sent via bandcamp goes there.

I've gotten like two messages via bandcamp in 3-4 years.

and I don't use it for account sign ups and stuff cause I'll probably not be able to afford to renew one year :blobshrug:

poor little Knytte wants to sleep in the house, but since Miso has kicked out all the bedding she has to settle for the entrance

why do you want to sleep on the floor Miso

going to M's parents on tuesday.

I'll bring the xbox and put a bunch of anime on my phone so it'll be pretty much like here. except I'll have more dogs around + cats and I'll get cooked meals lol

They have internet now so I'll even be able to post pictures

I'm pretty sure they'll screen John Wick 3 though, so at least that's one thing I'm interested in seeing.

maybe I should go to the movies, I wonder what's showing... ah

was afraid I wouldn't have the spoons to play outside with the dogs today, but then I remembered it's not dark in the evenings anymore and I think I'll get the energy by tonight.

episode 8 of Tari Tari was super cute :blobcatsip:

I'm starting to really enjoy this show

I'm not actually online all the time... but also I'm kinda online all the time

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Friends, if you can poss help with my uni fees or some food that would be absolutely ace

I promise when I get myself straight I'll be helping anyone who needs it!!


Miso sneezed and scared the shit out of me

She almost never sneezes

Only watched a bit of New Nightmare yesterday.

It can be really hard to just sit still and watch something when the dogs aren't here.

Even if they're not next to or on me they just have a very calming influence

good thing about my bank's app:
- it takes about 10-20 seconds to scan and pay a bill

bad things about my bank's app:
- it totally bricked my Nexus 5x

ok, time to get up again and walk the dogs

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