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one of my clearest memories from my childhood is seeing the most beautiful goth girl selling roses at a concert my parents had taken me and my brother to

and well, long story short I'm the goth girl now :blobcatmelt:

Took a nap, and soon I'll go pick up Knytte

I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Anne relayed

financial help needed, internet being cut off 

Miso is going to be so soft and cute tomorrow :blobcatlove:

I've seen my fair share of yakuza movies but I've never seen "aniki" translated as "bro" before, felt kinda off

Miso got an appointment with the doggo hair dresser on thursday!

didn't expect one so soon :blobcat_mlem:

M will come by and pick up Knytte in a bit. after that I'll give Miso some yummy food and chewy treats and then we'll take a walk through the park :blobcat_mlem:

when watching Black Lagoon I get the sense that Revy, Balalaika etc are like literally some kind of death goddesses, as opposed to just being like very strong fighty humans

I love Midori and this is a great live video

cw: strobe lights

I think it was my mom's birthday yesterday, but I don't want to go on fb to check cause someone I used to know a long time ago is messaging me

i mean it's not like they're unpleasant messages I just don't have the spoons to deal right now

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