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can't stop thinking about the fact that the Italian movies Zombie and Zombie 3 both were Zombie 2 at some point but now there is no movie with the title Zombie 2.

lucky day huh.

- almost empty store
- scanner number 69
- found an actual fav character nendoroid

so ok, I wasn't able to afford that crt tv but this is pretty great too

Anne-Eris relayed

ah, found a single New Game! nendoroid... and it's best girl Hifumi. :blobcatsurprised:

been Online all day, pals.

except for when I went to the store.

I'll re-upload my VHS rips to the new channel sometime soon.

Rock And The Alien, Terminal Entry, Dusty, Grave Secrets and some other never released on dvd movies. All with swedish subs.

Anne-Eris relayed

got a new yt channel and have been uploading some albums.

here's "Fragile Shapes" from 2017

#Music #MastoMusic #MastoAudio #Vocaloid

there, moved accounts re-followed.

masto cleaning done.

I'd soft block inactive accounts too but that is just too cumbersome.

oh wow, I was following almost a hundred inactive accounts.

ah, the smol crt tv I was bidding on got too expensive. oh well.

Wendy O. Williams' voice sounds like I'd imagine a singing dragon would sound like.

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