Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Spinball are extremely underrated

that only took about 2 hours to get printed

for the fifth time, there is paper in the tray :blobtired:

got the printer working... over wifi, usb seems to be Forbidden now

ok, these drivers aren't installing. tried installer I just downloaded from canon, no good. tried an older installer I already had, no good.

want to print out some government papers but it seems it'll be faster to just have them sent to me by mail.

oh ffs, "the printer is not detected", 15 minutes ago it told me the printer was plugged in and shit was installing

this installation is taking forever, what the hell is going on with these drivers

oh right, printer drivers.

one thing that's good with this canon printer is that the model number is clearly printed right on the top.

things that doesn't have that annoy me to no end

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since I'm back to making music after like 5 months of inactivity here's a good thing I made last year

it's kinda um ambientish electronic goth experimental vocaloid with a cool industrial doom track at the end?

I'm no good at describing my music

Cuter Now

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going over my tl to unfav all KnytteMiso posts cause I want to change the behavior of forget

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