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wow, I actually have Dead Space 3 on the ps3.

I only noticed when I looked for it in the store.

I really hate the way I have to view stuff I've already bought for this system. If I'd known they would sit in my downloads list forever and ever I'd never tried out all those themes.

didn't watch Carnival Of Souls last night. the sound was just atrocious like I couldn't make out what anyone was saying at all.

ass, forgot to go to the pharmacy. now I have to go somewhere tomorrow too

as a trans woman, Kuzuha from Self Deconstruction is a huge inspiration to me

just like her live performances, she plays guitar so it's not like her lyrics or anything. it's just seeing her play.

it's amazing and gives me life

cw: flashing lights

self deconstruction @ EARTHDOM shin-okubo 2019-6/26 A

I like it when people don't talk so much in movies and games, I like it when I can't understand what the vocalist in a band is singing.

there's so many words everywhere so it's just nice when there aren't :blobcatmelt:

I went to the store

am tired as heck

at least I don't have any appointments or anything until monday...

ugh I have an appointment on monday already :blobsob:

ah Knytte, you don't have to worry. I'm just feeling weird and tired and jut like ugh

just realized I can watch movies on the ps3 so I don't have to plug in/unplug it and the bd player every day :blobfacepalm:

tonight I'm starting with the 50 Horror Classics box set.

disc 1, side 1, movie 1 is Carnival Of Souls from 1962. a well regarded film I have not seen before.

that's nice

I'm gonna uuuh, try to play some Dead Space 2 until it's walk time

Anne relayed

just actually doing the ID thing at the place took 5 minutes, the whole event has taken the whole day and it's not over yet :blobcatmelt:

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