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I don't pretend to be wholesome but I also don't expect you to be, I will just block your ass and you can block mine.

I'm leaving this instance ( because I don't like the sensitivity level and community. Tbqh it's also too much furries, and u know what I actually don't have to see furry content if I don't want to. So, I will post here when I have a new instance.

Mastodon gets extra smug when twitter does something shitty. Claims to be wholesome and pure but actually just snipes on people and of course the sniper doesn't get shit because they enforce the wholesomeness and that's really 'awoo'.

Help me find an instance that Acid Betty would be on if she was on mastodon.

I think when I've spent months riding only sweltering trains and packed crawling busses, cars feel glamorous. But they smell and are blight. Glamorous, excessive, luxurious, smelly blight.

WG Snuffy Walden is doing the music for my 1990s political skater drama.

ubuntu is fucking nar nar with this snap store like snap install spotify whattttttt

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To everyone who's like 'we don't do intolerance like the USA/Middle East/other places here in Europe' (I heard this shit before)

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I lived in Seattle 2 years, San Francisco 3 years, Berlin 2.5 years, and now London. I feel like I'm from no where. I could move anywhere in the world in a day. 'my roots are strong but they sure ain't deep' - Noelle Longhaul

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Gonna do a plug for me masto bot @ticketlos_berlin

It uses tweets about reports of fare controllers on the Berlin U-Bahn to create aggregate data which can be used to see the most controlled stations and lines in the last few weeks. I'm going to increase functionality when I have time but it's still useful now.

And it sucks! it sucks for people with out much power who have to face majorities of people who are stubborn to positive change. Its like anarchist organising... The community may reject change for shitty reasons and your ideas don't go anywhere. It is problematic. But the alternative is centralisation. There's a way of having open minded communities that consider change. I would rather sit in a plenum, consider the options, and deal with difficult people than let it be decided for me when it comes to masto

Just see a lot of posts like 'we need to rename instances to something else' or 'the current way of picking instances is wrong'. OK but what can one do about it? Start with your own vicinity, it's a bit frustrating that there's things I have no problem with but people want to innovate them without really going off what the wider fediverse wants to do or is capable of. If people like the idea, it might get picked up. That's the best one can hope for.

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