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Ellen Degeneres is more famous than Michelle Obama.

My hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA is hosting Milo Yiannopolous at Cal Poly SLO (a school famously known for it's super racist fraternity scene). Recently a frat had a student do blackface at a party, and Milo is trolling now saying he's going to get "the darkest fake tan possible" before he presents. The uni president said that the blackface was protected free speech but protestors with anti-Milo signs are not protected to demonstrate.

I fell skateboarding and took a big piece of skin off my hand and I treated it with bandages, tee tree oil, and coconut oil when it got scabby. It worked super super well and it's getting better really fast. I am not a doctor this is not professional medical advice.

Rap music makes everything better incl skateboarding and washing dishes

'bwoah was für nen angry bird wa?'

Why not a spider on a Peertube instance that downloads YouTube videos to it and hosts them there? Fuck the law.

'of course she got angry she's german'

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one of the new #Facebook rules you probably didn't notice...

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Here’s Everything That’s Banned on Facebook, All on One Page

Yesterday my friend and I had a workmeeting at Frankfurter Allee and then went to the co-working space by Görlitzer Park. So he pulled me on my skateboard with his bike. Basically got a beautiful ride with views of the Oberbaumbrücke, Fhain, the Spree and more nice stuff while being pulled along for like 3km

My skateboard is building a sticker collection of Antifa, cyberpunk, freifunk, and similar themes :)

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It's the hottest thing in cool!

Woahhh algebra and calculus are coooooool dude

Designing a website that's pure hacker aesthetic

Media queries for feature support 👌

The assumption that all Web developers are somehow Web designers is weirdly prevalent in the Linux hacker community. And the assumption we all use Javascript and nothing else and are somehow not real programmers is also a thing

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Edditing WordPress template pages from within the WordPress backend oh noooooooo

UK tabloids are the worstttttt.