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vue native compiles to react native lol

Talks to friend from California who I haven't talked to in 2 years. "woah u developed an accent" apparently i sound like an American who sounds pretentiously like they lived in Europe. Got me.

Cold take, queer eye Show more

RIP Jerry Springer Show: you were a flaming trash pile, but you were one of the most important shows for this young transexual to actually see any trans representation. God damn it, I love you. 😪

They said it's fine to take the vacation and hope I'm going somewhere sunny :3

just told my boss that i already have a 1.5 week vacation planned 3 weeks in to starting a new job. they have "unlimited vacation" and i'm putting that to the test... super scared he will be upset or say its a dealbreaker but im probably fine :O

Room available, Berlin Neukölln, 450€/ month, June 26th - End of August

Since I'm moving away, my room will be available and my room mate is looking for a new subrenter. The owner of the room is on holiday until the end of August and I was renting it while she was away. It's very queer and trans friendly, non-smoking flat with balcony (can smoke there), large room, sheets and towels supplied. Shared food. Sorry but no couples or pets.

Let me know to schedule a time to meet my room mate.

still shittalking germany, VW Show more

In all fairness the British gave the company back to a Nazi so they are very fucking complicit in this and also still benefit from that today. So fuck them and fuck America while I'm here.

Like VW would never be anything that it is today without benefiting from Nazi forced labour. It has never paid any compensation except a nominal "voluntary restitution" to a select few people who lived through the affair. After the war management was passed to one German man: A prolific Nazi businessman who had also used slave labour at his last job at Opel.

Much of Germany's modern wealth is built on the back of slaves, and their superficial "reflection" and "shame" is not even close to enough.

"Dieselgate is the biggest scandal in VW's history"

Because having 80% of their workforce as slave labour at the company's inception is just par for the course in Germany

to me football kind just looks like gay porn where they have a fetish for rolling in the grass and acting injured

In my chosen family, Peter Barakan (host of Begin Japanology) is my grand dad.

Everyone: "Berlin isn't Germany."
The facts: Berlin is literally the capital of Germany.

If the U-Bahn Linie 1 can be called an U-Bahn but be primarily above ground you can be whatever gender you want.

This mural is so dope got a wine bottle smoking a cigarette and a vodka bottle searching for a späti online


Deleted all my GitHub accounts :D

"Wir sind die Haupstadt,
der metropooool an der spree!"

Remember the song "Für ein starkes Berlin" or something like that, the CDU pop song? Does anyone have a copy of that because CDU pretty effectively scrubbed it from the web... and I want to dance.