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River @eribloodlust@cybre.space

does anyone know how to make selenium tests with django not such so much? particularly with loading from a db every time and it takes 5 min to run a 30 second virtualisation

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should i go to southbank centre today yes or yes?

One day after my future startups IPO, I will buy Liebig 34, kick out all the TERFs and get all the trans femmes, neuroatypical ppl, and poc back in there. 10 years tops.

Would anyone pretty please hook me up with some mailing lists or communitiesbor blogs of hackers/infosec/anticapitalist software people. Particularly Germany and UK cuz that's where I go.

2018 really is the year of Javascript on the desktop

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Germany: Live like in Luther's time.

Now I want to go to skate parks and challenge better skaters to games of skate, then hang out after and persistence work on one or two tricks and practice :) like pokemon but skating. We need badges. Pokemon go for skaters.

Today I learned to do an ollie north

Just played a game of skate with a random skater guy and beat him with a fakie heel flip :3

Me in rp 'ahhhhl haaahve ah beeeeahhh'

Me making up cockney rhyme slang

'a bowl of jockey whips and a flaming queer please'

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River relayed

Most controlled stations and lines of the #Berlin #transit network since Sat May 26

1. Alexanderplatz - 7
2. Potsdamer Platz - 5
3. Nordbahnhof - 4
4. Greifswalder Str - 4
5. Ostkreuz - 4

1. U2 - 13
2. U8 - 11
3. M10 - 7
4. S7 - 6
5. U1 - 5

Fuck the police

Going to France and will be on an island off Brittany in 1 week ^_^