Reminder to my followers that I have moved accounts, I'm now posting on! Please follow me there :)

My work computer was stolen yesterday, and was given a brand new one today. Dell XPS 13, 6 core i7, 16 gb ram, 512gb pcie ssd, 4k screen, completely unnecessary

Thank you people who are already following my new account :)

Hi dear followers. I am migrating to a new mastodon account, and will be laying this one to rest.

My new handle is:
--> <--

Please follow me there. Also in the not too distant future I will be hosting an instance, I am now the proud owner of "" and would like to host profiles for sarcastic bitches. Thanks everyone :)

Or if anyone manages some VPSs, it would be real swell if we could work something out :)

does anyone have recommendations for hosting providers where i can host a small mastodon instance affordably? plz :)

The backpack the guy switched mine out with is a knock off Napapijiri

Photo of the guy swapping my backpack with his full of paper and scarves. He got off with an expensive laptop, my passport, and more...

Just got robbed in a pub, someone switched out my backpack, took my laptop, passport, clothes, and house keys. If anyone can spare me some cash to afford a locksmith, no one is home for 3 days now... :/

Am I gonna buy '' and make a mastodon instance for bitches. Yeah I think I will

Crashing your car while black is terrorism now. Jesus fucking christ.

Today learned abt a popular Welsh word 'cwsch', which means hug or cuddle. It's pronounced a bit like 'koosh'. Remind anyone of anything....?

Seems a lot like kuscheln to me, the German work for cuddle :o but the Celts did come from central Europe including Southern Germany so it makes sense.

London slang words
'allow' - cut it out, stop, don't
'safe' - cool, thanks
'bare' - hella (a lot of, very)
'calm' - chill
'man' - I (Personal pronoun)
'zoot' - joint
'wagwan?' - whats up?
'roadmen' - young guys in tracksuits who might commit robbery
'ends' - neighbourhood

People im around talk like this all the time.

Would anyone please give me a todon invite?

I'm leaving cybre space and can even give a cybre space invite if one would like to be on this instance.

Elon Musk pulling out the Roseanne Barr, 'the sleeping pills made me tweet it'

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