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Enby discourse 

"Men, women, and enbies" still doesn't include everyone.
Enby is not a gender in itself, but rather a descriptor for many kinds of gender that are outside the m/f binary.
There are other genders that don't even reference this binary. There are genders from other cultures that function totally differently.
Plz listen to the folks saying this - enby is not and should not be "third gender" or a catchall for "other"
Thank you.

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selfie, no eye contact 

I call this outfit Upsetting the Cis.

(boosts welcome)

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pronouns, giving advice 

I few weeks ago I wrote a blog post at work about pronouns and why they're important, witj some advice for cis people. I keep being told that it was useful, so maybe you all would be interested, too.

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The hardest problem in computer science is sitting up straight in front of a screen

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trans stuff, GIC, request for info 

Does anybody have any experience going through the GIC / NHS in the UK as a person without a binary gender looking to have mixed sex characteristics? I'd appreciate having someone to talk to about it all.

Boosts appreciated.

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Hey developers, just so you know, it is not that I'm "religiously opposed to using electron for any and all purposes".

It's just that my CPU is old and I'd like to be able to run more than 2 programs at once and if they're built on electron I probably won't be able to.

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music making advice request 

If I were to buy a single mic for making music, what would be a good mic to get? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I mostly just want to record environmental audio samples or voice, not instruments. Ideally it would either work with my phone, so I can use it on the go, or have its own storage.

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Solar-cyborg: eink is the new slate under a solar panel shade.

Techno-cyborg: my glowing screens bring the world to my fingertips.

Retro-cyborg: Paper and pen expand my mind without batteries.

Paleo-cyborg: Scratch in dirt; it worked for Archimedes.

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"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable." She paused, and then continued, wryly: "So did the divine right of kings."

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“It’s about doing the one little thing you can do, even if it’s useless: planting seeds in the midst of the apocalypse, spitting on a wildfire, bailing out the ocean with a bucket. Individual action is almost always pointless. Hope and strength comes from our bonds with each other, from the actions we take as a community, holding hands in the dark.”

trans HRT 

Ordered my first Estradot. Still not completely sure what I want, but this feels like a step in the right direction.

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From blue hellsite:
things to update after a legal name change!

Social security card
Driver’s license
Birth certificate
Employer HR
Bank account
Credit card company
Car insurance
Health insurance
Cell phone account
Voter registration
Your school
Professional organizations
Health care providers
TV & internet
Voicemail recordings

*Please add to this list if you can think of anything else!!!

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@dankwraith eugen seems to think the handful of people talking in github threads about mastodon are somehow representative of his instance's userbase even though:

1. theres way too few people for that to be true
2. most of those people on github are probably on other instances

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Mastodon, where the more followers you have, the less I want to follow you.


In case it wasn't obvious that the popularity contest feature was a Bad Idea...

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Help us be better. 💞

When you boost a post with images, try to check if there's image descriptions first.

Check if the body of the post has a good enough description otherwise.

If either of these checks out boost away!

If they don't make a conscious decision whether to boost it or not anyways.


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sorry ur leg is broken? gonna have to walk on it for 2 years before we can fix it, sorry :/

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men using gendered derogatory words is gross 🙃

pls stop using them

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Linux (or GNU plus Linux etc.) has its issues, but it has the following properties WHICH I CANNOT BELIEVE I CANNOT TAKE FOR GRANTED ON A PC OPERATING SYSTEM

- 10 seconds after I select "Shut Down", the PC is off
- 10 seconds after I turn the PC on, I have access to a usable interface
- 10 hours after I walk away from it, the PC is still running the same session with the same applications
- 10 months after installation, all the same applications still run on the PC

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