@artemis i consider it frequently but it doesn't really Fit into my web design so i'd have to figure something new out

i should just start a mailing list instead

food request 

@xenophora tysm!! don't know when i will get around to trying this but i appreciate it :)

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"BBQ" Tofu Recipe 

1-pound block extra-firm tofu, drained

2 T. Dijon mustard

2 T. Ketchup

1 T. Shoyu or Soy Sauce, to taste

1-2 garlic cloves, pressed or mashed

2 t. blackstrap molasses

2 t. toasted Asian sesame oil

1-2 t. chipotle in adobo, mashed (or substitute a fave hot sauce to taste) ...

food request 

@xenophora would it be a problem to get a photograph of the bbq recipe maybe? my library does not have this book. if not nw

food request 

@xenophora thank you kindly!

food request 

ANYWAY i want to learn to make things with tofu. anybody have recipes for me

bonus points: what are your favorite food recipes generally (non-meat pref.)

@packetcat interesting. i posted once a while ago when it was broken then but it might have been enough to like, already break it again

@packetcat hello thank you. can't see your posts on my home still but hey it's something

hmm. did every instance block cybre.space sometime when i was away or did my timeline just break? all i get is botsin space and masto soc on my home timeline now. can anybody from other instances hear me?

huh. i think my timeline is like, broken

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@tindall "when the capy is small | i love them [etc]"

"soweli li lili la | mi olin e ona"

so the la part would come after. (this also matches how i've seen people use toki pona in similar ways in online communities)

@tindall do it after for that meaning for sure

@iitalics fast inverse square root is pretty good because it is very obvious what it does (fast inverse square root). i have seen worse code composed of like, completely basic operations that make me think "okay why does this Exist though"

@iitalics that is to say one good metric for large projects is how much documentation there is that isn't really tied to a particular line of code/individual function. that might just be me tho

@iitalics tbh for me the landmark of Good Code is on a much larger scale. there are a lot of code bases that might contain reasonable code overall but that are completely impossible to navigate as someone new to the system

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