:boost_ok: mutual aid request #TransCrowdfund 

posting on behalf of a close friend of mine

"whats up y'all, my van has a power steering fluid leak and its gonna cost a bit to fix. im homeless and live out of this thing, i dont get my paycheck for another week, and i havent been able to work a lot of hours so far this pay period. im a bit broke so anything you can send would be great. help your local trans femme out!"





my game soko is complete featuring a bunch of goodies like generative music! you can check it out here: equaspace.itch.io/soko

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it's Bandcamp Fwednesday and i just released two tracks i improvised with a gameboy and some effects! i'm super happy with how they turned out: inata.bandcamp.com/album/lifto

the second tilde.town song compilation is now out!! 50 minutes of excellent noise music from our lovely community!

check it out tildetown.bandcamp.com/album/t

ahh finally got time for a , really proud of how this one turned out!!

built a port(ish) of lolcat with awk, then wrote a bunch of silly modifications and made some pretty terminal graphics with it!


hand-made my own cassette tape of an album i love~

original artwork by aaron porter

today i'm working on filling out information on etymologies, but recently i've been focusing on navigation (especially on phones and other devices where Ctrl-F doesn't work very well)

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