not sure if my instincts are off so lmk how you all feel about this: "in a hypothetical federated git platform, i would like it if conversations in a repository (eg issues and pull requests) were stored directly in the repository as opposed to in a database on the server"

boosts appreciated


@nasser whenever i use github i always wish the discussion were in *a* repository but i feel like having it in the same one could get messy? (i.e. switching between discussion and in progress code might be more of a pain). that's kind of just a UI sort of thing so i guess it could be in the same repository either way

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@eq that's really good feedback. yeah my current prototype stores them in the same repo but on their own orphaned branch, one branch per conversation. UI is undetermined, but i was imagining you wouldnt really interact with the conversation branches directly (though you certainly could) but is instead would use (cli/editor/web) tools to do it for you? like i said, totally undetermined.

@nasser just doing it via git logs was one silly idea i had running through my head when writing the first post. i think i tried something similar for some project a while back

@eq yeah it *basically* just works because git is a remarkable piece of software. this was me messing around a few days ago. the messages are stored in the commit messages, and attachments work by storing files in the object store.

@nasser oh i didn't think about that being useful for attachments but it makes a ton of sense! that's clever

@nasser @eq orphaned branch was going to be my suggestion, yeah! feels like a good fit.

@nasser @eq there's a bit of a chicken/egg problem if you use discussion to talk about merging branches but the discussion itself is a branch. metacircularity is a fun problem to have tho.

@nasser @eq

You can store things outside of branches too! I don't use it (and don't know anyone who does) but there is things like git-notes:

@nasser @eq Just curious.. how do you derive the orphaned branch name?

@abrahms @eq I was thinking new conversation branches could get temporary names and then after the first commit be renamed to the hash of that commit, because you really want to refer to a conversations by some kind of unique hash and at the first commit works as well as anything. current prototype doesn't do anything like that yet.

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