hello friends!!! i made a zine

it's a collection of 16 pieces of art i've been working on over the past few months. i'd greatly appreciate it if you checked it out :)

pdfs at

@eq this is SO GOOD

i adore the like... textures? idk if that's the right word but heck it's so good

@cori hell yes thank you that means a lot

textures is a word i used a lot in my head so i think it works hah

@eq oh those are lovely! Thank you for sharing, I love ASCII art.

@eq oh fuck, i really really like this. the tonework you achieved is really spectacular !!!!!!

@eq This is beautiful! Thank you! 🌺

@eq fascinating art ... have you ever written a behind the scenes in the creative process? Just wondering. Thx for sharing ....

@dogtrax i'm tempted to write one but i haven't yet, no, sorry!

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