when you're configuring iptables but you lock yourself out of your own connection

how are people still boosting this lol

@eq "relatable" she says, flashing her router over serial for the fourth time today

religion joke ? Show more

@eq "wait, it's okay! There's still the host emergency console!" :blobsweats:

Browser: "Java plugin not found"

:crt_w_prompt: :blobnervous:

@eq Firehol had a nice feature of a 'try' mode, which would revert your changes after 30 seconds by default ...

@eq HAHAHAHA! :blobjoy:

I laugh because I've done this EXACT thing, with those EXACT responses. :blobwhee: :blobfacepalm:

@eq I explicitly built myself a tool that looks for my home network's IP address in requests to my server, so if I try to block myself out it tells me no, very politely.

This has saved my train more times than I am comfortable admitting. And it happened often enough that I had to write the tool. >v>

@eq On those Off Days™, I've found it helpful to have something like `sleep 20s && &`

That way, you can pkill it if it's fine, and if it's not, then you can get back to debugging 20s later.

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