my generative concrete poetry zine, Shadows is complete! featuring:

- all of the poetry I've created this month
- four pages of meows
- nine pages of not-meows
- over fifty thousand words!!

download it here:

note: there is an alternate release here if the above is slow:

@eq the aaaa organic one is an eldritch horror.

Awesome work!

@eq wow! these are awesome.

the first one looks like a sun or sunflower, it's beautiful. i enjoy the contrast on the second one. the last one just has this kind of really awesome depth, it's really nice to look into

@tsu thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

@eq This is beautiful. Thank you for making it.

@crlf thank you, i'm happy you enjoyed it!

@eq That is AWESOME I love this thank you very much.

@eq I don't know how I missed this, but this is incredible! The organic patterns and shapes are so freaking cool

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