~1 million Creative Commons images on are dissapearing tomorrow!

If you have the resources please install the Archiveteam's Warrior program and select the 500px project!

irc is on efnet

thank you (boosts very appreciated)

LB context: #500px is removing the ability to upload, download, or search for #CreativeCommons licensed images, with basically no warning. Follow the instructions provided by @eq if you can:

@eq @qonnyr
I sounds like they were running out of money. You can't expect a for profit company to do nonprofit things.

That is why places like and wikipedia need to exist. They also need donations though.

How many can I download before the FBI comes to throw me in jail for DoSing them
@dylan @eq
I'll do my best. When they come for me, please do not mourn. Go on without me. Be strong and keep archiving.

@eq thanks for the heads up! got one of my pooputers to help

@eq I think I have 500 GB of spare bandwidth to contribute.

@eq Looks like mine is getting 429 (too many requests) response codes.

Should I just sit tight?

@eq Aha, it’s intermittently working now. 🤘

@mkb @eq Yeah they added throttling.
The trick is to open 500px.lua, and replace "local sleep_time = 0" with "local sleep_time = 1", if you're not using the warrior.
If using the warrior, you'll have to wait for the devs to push an update.

@val @eq @mkb What a dick move to do this when they know full well why people are doing it

@elomatreb @eq @mkb It keeps happening. $company say they'll remove the contnt, ArchiveTeam downloads it, $company whines about archivists.
Last time it was Soundcloud

@val @mkb @eq Oh yeah, Soundcloud will be a disaster if it goes down, so much culture that only exists on there :/

@mkb @eq Update: the warrior is fixed, but we need a lot more warriors now that download are highly rate-limited

@val @eq Redownload then? Or will it update the task?

@val @eq I can log into the VM. Just tell me where the file is.

@eq Doesn't seem to want to play on Virtual Box on an old Fedora set up right now. I'll keep trying for a spell. Nice project.

@eq i have set up a machine to help out. 👍 💪

@eq wait what? My pictures are on 500px using CC. Do you have a link?

@eq may be happy to have them. Just be aware most of the images there are CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) and therefore can be for any use and no attribution required.

@TheOuterLinux i think the archiveteam will be able to handle distribution of the items already. the main problem is the actual archival lol

@eq Well, I've owned a website before and it shouldn't be too hard for them to just backup their own data base files and figure it out later, wether they're self hosting or paying someone else. Owning a website is getting to be a pain for little traffic. I've learned it's much better to get a .io static website or repository from places like GitHub or GitLab and then you have SSL and pretty more storage than you'll ever really need, all for free. You can self host GitLab too.

@TheOuterLinux yes, but 500px isn't archiving the thing. they're just shutting it down without warning.

If they wanted to continue hosting the content, they would. They don't, so that's what the archiveteam is for

@eq And then you can just use software like Bluegriffon to manage it. Git add ., git commit -m '...', git push, done.

@TheOuterLinux why are you explaining git to me? i know how git works. what does that have to do with this

@eq @TheOuterLinux lol this is the most fossbro shit I've ever seen.

I just turned my 4 warriors with 4 concurrent items each to the 500px project. Hope we get it in time.

What a bunch of suckers.

@luricaun I believe right now doing 1 concurrent item per warrior might be more efficient because of rate limiting.

Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if there is a way to speed things up. Any suggestions? I will lower the concurrent items for now then.

@luricaun Well, the ratelimiting is around 1 request per second per IP, so you should run each warrior on its own IP if you aren't already. Basically at this point that's all you can do, I think.

@eq Unfortunately I'm running those puppies at home and I don't have IPv6 yet. So there is no chance to serve from different IPs for me.
Anyhow thanks for the tip and let's safe a little piece of the web, shall we?

@luricaun Unfortunately even if you did, apparently this site doesn't have an ipv6 address to use.

Thank you for setting the warrior up!

@eq Thanks for the notification. It's running on my side to do my part and save all these CC images…

That's not very nice. Ahrem. Yeah, not very nice.

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