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Can we please fast-forward to the world where people look at "the free market" the same way they do "the four humors"

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Its important to add that my teacher was in his underwear when this happened

Natural Disaster(Earthquake) + 

Relaying hilarious stories of the earthquake in history today....i mean i guess its history? the best part is the people (my teacher included) who stayed home that day. He felt bad for not being at school for it. Apparently the adrenaline got rid of his sinus infection, so hes joking about curing sickness with terror.

my friend just told me they really liked fiddling and accordions and I may have gone off about klezmer.....oops

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rats is an acronym as well. it of course stands for
R: Really full of love
A: Ass And Titties
T: Trans rights
S: Shout out to the Lgbt Community

@skylark i dont know my guy im just as lost as you are Admin probably doesn't know it exists yet, so ur good to go


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