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@chocolatefossty False advertising is illegal. This isn't really "advertising" and it's arguable enough that a court case probably wouldn't be able to proceed.

@avie It comes down to the implementation of Denuvo in the specific game. For some games that may be true. For many games it's not. Their statement is overbroad (intentionally).

It's also got an ebook of "myths" about Denuvo that's just "well actually if it's pirated that's what happens" with no citations on either side of the fence. Because, you know, propaganda.

(Sorry for no alt text, the OCR thing isn't working for me and I can't copy/paste like I could with the others)

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This one is true! Technically. But it dosn't say it's true for *Denuvo*.

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Denuvo's website is fun because it's 100% propaganda. "Is kernel-mode safe?" "We're gonna not answer that question and say something else instead."

@fincs I can definitely notice the difference between 1080p and 4K...when I'm on a computer. I have a 4K TV and I...can't really notice the difference there.

@noiob I mean, I gathered, but it's...pretty much just the marketing fluff directly in the joke.

@noiob Then it's just marketing fluff. Which lends evidence to my original point.

@noiob you're still running at 4K at that point. It'd...effectively just be fancy AA.

As someone who was excited about 4K gaming when it was on the horizon, I'd like to go on the record and say 8K is pointless marketing fluff. You won't be able to notice unless you're so close to the monitor you can't even see most of the picture.

So yeah I guess is going EOL, so I'll need a new instance to set up on. Any suggestions?

@mary I feel like we've gotten past the point where phone upgrades matter anymore. There are really only three things that might make me want a new phone, barring my old one breaking:

- USB-C on iPhone goddamnit
- Real optical zoom (there's work on using mirrors to make movable lenses on a longer axis)
- Bringing back the audio jack (lmao)

Everything else is just "nice to have"

@mary remember how win32 still uses 16 bit types throughout

I have some choice words for whoever designed this cartridge. Those words include "did you end up sourcing the TLCS MCU just because you'd already sourced this specific RTC and then found that interacting with it directly from the game was too difficult??"...since that seems like what might have happened.

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In betters news, I finally made some progress figuring out how TAMA5, TAMA6 and the RTC interact for the first time in, uh, literal years. I've been chipping away at this bizarre hardware for over 5 years now, it seems. There's a reason I kept putting it down every time I looked at it though.

So I guess is getting discontinued. I'll need to figure out a new instance to move to sometime in the next few months.

@cr1901 @dressupgeekout the design makes me think of a JRPG personally, namely the Tales of series, but I don't recognize it regardless

I uninstalled Tweetbot from my phone again. Hello.

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