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Denuvo's website is fun because it's 100% propaganda. "Is kernel-mode safe?" "We're gonna not answer that question and say something else instead."

This one is true! Technically. But it dosn't say it's true for *Denuvo*.

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It's also got an ebook of "myths" about Denuvo that's just "well actually if it's pirated that's what happens" with no citations on either side of the fence. Because, you know, propaganda.

(Sorry for no alt text, the OCR thing isn't working for me and I can't copy/paste like I could with the others)

@endrift Isn't lying about your product illegal? How are they getting away with this?!

@chocolatefossty False advertising is illegal. This isn't really "advertising" and it's arguable enough that a court case probably wouldn't be able to proceed.

@endrift tbf iirc one of the devs of modification software "special k" has worked with many many denuvo based games in the past and has gone on record repeatedly as saying it genuinely has no impact

i remain dubious at best but personally i get the feeling its all down to how it gets implemented more than anything

@avie It comes down to the implementation of Denuvo in the specific game. For some games that may be true. For many games it's not. Their statement is overbroad (intentionally).

@endrift *checks your profile real quick* oh fuck mbga primary dev? holy shit okay yea word taken lmao

yall do some amazing stuff with that little bit of software

@endrift shoutout in particular to adding support for unlicensed game mappers tbh, especially since mgba is effectively one of the main go-to emulators these days

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