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lesbian, gay, british, transgender... no... i have decided to become even more of an outcast... i have decided to become... a writer...

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@emmanuelle looking forward to a black and white photo that has both ends of the curve crushed showing a little tiny cuck cup of coffee, a pencil and a notepad arranged on a desk that is too clean

@a_rock i have no idea what any of this means but i am losing it at the thought of someone asking "would you like a cuck of coffee"

@emmanuelle being a writer is all about low contrast black and white photos of writing utensils and a cup of espresso, judging from stock photos and whatnot

@a_rock this is a good idea. i will study every single stock photo of writers until i become the greatest writer in the world

@douglasfur @a_rock its...... not enough...... get me the illegal extra large hemingway portrait..........

re: ec, manspreading 

@douglasfur @emmanuelle u can see the outline of his manussy

re: ec, manspreading 

@a_rock @douglasfur excuse me i believe the correct term is "hemingwussy"

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