@emi I don’t want to keep the eldritch horrors away though

@emi I really like this sigil but can’t remember who does them. I had an antimisgendering one that was real good

@urwitchygothmom it's from the everydaysigils tumblr but that's been taken over by an ad bot, it seems. you can find most of their stuff on google tho google.com.ar/search?q=http://

@emi I wouldn't want my 5s comprehending the horror that that racist lovecraft was right 😳😬

@emi @zyla I had a fantasy setting where magic symbols have that same circuitry sorry of look, drawn in Mana.

@emi Which image do we post to invite them in?

@crushv @emi instances that use aws exposed but the instance I use uses aws for images

@crushv @emi I could just start my own but that would mean getting it on the blockchain blocklist as every good instance is on it

@crushv @emi being a libertarian gets you blocked on the blockchain list so lel

@crushv @emi I think someone can't see this as cybre.space uses the blockchain meme, not sure if animeisgay.com is on it yet

@emi but what if I'm friends with eldritch horrors and I want to let them use my computer

cw lewd ~ 

@emi So if we favorite instead, does it summon an Elder God?

Or my cat?


You obviously haven't read any of Charles Stross' Laundry Series, have you? 😉

@emi You fool. You can't do anything against Eldritch Café's abominations :tentacle2:.

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