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ok I think I'm happy with how the profile looks now. hello! I'm often a shark online. bilingual spanish/english. often political, even if I haven't worked out the details of my vague leftist ideals. will probably post about: furry, old tech, new tech, videogames in quick bursts during binges, teaching in the 21st century with 20th century infrastructure

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:blobpats: smooth all over, try it yourself
💋 flirtatious by default, just tell her to ease up on it
📶 constant connection required
♨️ give her warmth, with your body or a nice drink
🌧️ let her stand under the rain
🤕 stay clear of tail swing radius

Just in case anyone still follows this account, I've moved! I'm @emi now. ❤️

OK I think I've got everything set up, I'm trying out a move to @emi !

NSFW🔞 OC art, furry, sex 

the paintboy and @emi

I can't believe how much detail went into this picture

🎨 TwistedTeeth

I've seen many bad right-wing youtube cartoon personas but this one's my fave bc he's promoting merch of the persona (fursona, tbh) by having it wear a picture of itself


doujin writing/translating is usually laughable but I actually like the wording of "kiss the bride, in the mouth of her womb~!"

this has been on repeat lately. half*alive's videos are good eye-candy
part of me wants to believe it's the videographer playing to the strengths of web video and small displays, mostly vibrant color and changing it quickly on the entire frame (this also shows up a ton in "still feel")

@puckipedia ok google search "how do I delete someone else's git repo"

finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

i'm more engaged by rimworld, a game presumably made in a cave by banging rocks together, in which things like this happen

battlefield 1 is basically Our World War but videogame and it feels so ~expensive~. it cost 150 million dollars to make and there's nothing going on in it.

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