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apparently they're doing seven weeks between dose 1 & 2 now? that's so long...

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6. Get rid of the workerism. I'm not even kidding. Throw it in the first bin you find. [final] 

Workerism is gross, and it leads a lot of unions to focus solely on people who "are productive" and "can work."

This both denigrates work that people do outside of paid labour and also people who can't work (for whatever reason, including but not limited to disability).

Workerism isn't helping anyone, and it's one more cause for division between people who may otherwise support each other.

Do more actions that are less focused on work-related strikes. Is there a park that needs wheelchair access? Support that cause (or build it yourselves, if you can get away with it and have the knowledge to safely create it).

Promote *rest* and *care*, create spaces or resources for this. Try to keep people from burning out (which can also be helped by irrelevant-to-action social events, like picnics and concerts and readings or whatever!).

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A quick note on "community members who will be harmed." 

If your protest hurts any marginalised community member, you either need to think about *other* disruptive tactics that can be done *or* how to mitigate that damage.

I've seen groups organise protests that have directly interfered with the lives of homeless people and never considered them *at all*.

I've seen actions that have blocked off a range of accessibility needs for *disabled people*, and that's beyond not cool.

Like the teachers who saw how no access to the school would mean kids went hungry? We cannot leave *any* vulnerable people to deal with the consequences of the disruptions caused. Include them and plan accordingly.

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2. Unions (and organising groups) cannot expect their communities to support them if they're not supporting their communities. (Yet, this is a bit too common.) 

It's telling that the lessons people take from labour history aren't the more mundane ones about building communities; they pay attention to protest tactics and forget *community organising*.

So here's a relatively recent example:

If your strike is going to *hurt* your community, you need to mitigate that. The West Virginia Teachers Strike a few years back recognised this. They *learned* (because a lot of teachers weren't aware) that some of the kids in their community would go hungry if teachers went on strike (because they couldn't access the breakfast/lunch at school).

What did some of these teachers do? They took food to those families, ensuring they didn't go hungry.

This kind of work needs to happen *more often*. Not only does it enable longer and more effective strike action, but it *helps the community support you* because you're thinking of them.

I don't see this very often, and we need more of it.

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@em big bird is clearly the most powerful muppet

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boy o boy do i love drinking poison! wait no poison is actually bad for you. fuck!!!

6. medarot

im not even gonna try to draw a robot but please enjoy this bug instead

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5. digimon

oops i forgot to upload this yesterday! there's so many cool digimon but wizardmon is probably my favourite

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wishing you all a very fuck america today

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4. monster rancher

ive never played this but it had a cool gimmick where you can put a cd in the playstation and generate a monster based on it... my only music cd is pump by aerosmith which produces this guy

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am i happy that my tamagotchi is burning in hell? you better believe it

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