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don't get too excited this is a balloon post

Elon Musk's whole thing is thinking up of cool looking but functionally useless transport ideas to profit off.

talking bout nsfw stuff 

talking bout nsfw stuff 

it's basically the same as all the other ones

not to dunk on healyn but this really is a normal website

the tesla truck is one of the coolest cars i've seen, and also if you buy one you're a piece of shit and i hate you, both of these things can be true

honestly tho if you think the tesla truck is ugly, have you ever seen all other trucks?

work would be nicer without a french lady telling me it's good actually that france still has colonies, and besides they're not technically colonies anymore

sorry but the tesla space truck looks cool. it’s still a v bad company and also all cars are bad, but aesthetically? it’s better than almost every car

It's honestly bizzare to me that the latest democrat political trend seems to be attempting to force-develop a cult of personality despite the fact that they have the charisma of a shoe by the side of the highway

turning my personal problems into a take by applying them to everyone? that’s the definition of posting

up here, everyone looks worse in the winter; the cold dry air is terrible for your skin, and there aren’t really nice looking clothes that are warm enough. looking worse is a several times bigger problem when you’re trans

as a trans person living in a northern climate, having it become winter is the same as being forced back into that early stage where you’re always wearing bulky clothes bc you don’t want people to perceive your body

my new take is that it’s cis to like wintertime

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