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omfg the riverdale episode after the next one is called Fire Walk With Me... i love how hard they lean into the twin peaks influence

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Lady Gaga is a vampire so it's actually super valid to post "RIP Lady Gaga" even though she's still active

the only way to be truly recognized as an Academic is to write a book with the title format "_____ and _____"

tho apparently it ties into season one so maybe i should rewatch that first, i haven't seen it in years

oh i guess the latest season of american horror story wrapped up a while ago, i bet you can find it online in good quality now...

i just thought "wow can't believe it's nearly spring", then looked out the window and there's almost a meter of snow on the ground

just saw a real bad take and i don’t wanna leave it unchallenged but i don’t have the energy to argue if it turns into a big thing...

ok so garlic sauce is good, and uh BBQ sauce sometimes. sweet chili sauce is essential for a couple things

i maintain my position that soy sauce is a wet spice, not a sauce

like in my head "sauce" as a general concept is gross but some individual sauces are good despite that

listen, there are good sauces but there are a lot of bad sauces too. people are so into sauce, it's like they need it, but i'd rather have no sauce than a bad sauce

i guess this guy's gimmick is to wear shirts with one long sleeve and one short? pretty rad

Yeah i play chess. I'm a bishop main

i love to go on here and reply to jer's jokes with my own wildly worse jokes

wearing a shark tooth necklace in my 30s and patrolling the neighborhood in my cherry red golfcart all while beating my nightstick on the wheel like a drum

i already tried going to college and i only got depression, so i guess i'm going to jupiter next

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