re: his dark materials (spoilers) 

re: his dark materials (spoilers) 

re: his dark materials (spoilers) 

@robotcarsley We don’t object to the word β€˜gay,' except when it refers to people who practice a homosexual lifestyle.

In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Bartending at app-app-app-app-applebees, bees
Ohhh ah, I wanna watch you bleed

yes i'm the chief editor of cishet magazine, what about it?

i'm cishet magazine's person of the year, for 12 years running!

@mcknze @garfiald love to come out as abusive in my own article i wrote

changing my last name to Homosexual so maybe people will start reading my magazine

fun side note, the joxter's name means "the guy who does stuff"

Talking dryly about kink and social politics 


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