Rashōmon walked so that Sonic Adventure could run incredibly fast

@yo now that's what i call amazon fire

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Please remember that aggressively archiving the words and images of others without their permission can put those people in danger. There are times when the wide net "save everything" approach is harmful and we're living in one of those times.

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Boost if you can. Demand justice for Tony McDade, a black trans man who was shot five times in the back by a Tallahassee police officer. actionnetwork.org/letters/dema

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anyway 5am also just started here so i'm gonna sleep lol. love ya

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well pride month just started here and i wanna say to my fellow white queers that we cannot switch focus entirely now and forget about the protests going on.

we need to support our black siblings with whatever they need, for as long as they need it, because they've always supported us, because we have a shared interest in opposing the cops, and because of course, it's simply the right thing to do.

we got our rights through riots, and we got our rights through the work of black queers

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hello. today is my birthday

you've seen the donation links being passed around already but if you'd like to do something to make me smile today please donate spare cash to...
reclaim the block (for community-led safety solutions) reclaimtheblock.org/home
Black visions MN (for Black liberation, healing + transformative justice) blackvisionsmn.org
minnesota freedom fund minnesotafreedomfund.org/
the bail project bailproject.org

more/local bail fund links below.

can i get some boosts?

realized ive mostly been hanging out on twitter lately but uh to anyone who's going out protesting, good luck n be safe! ACAB

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Posting this without content warnings too so maybe more folks will see.

Hello all. I’m doing massive supply runs and food prep for protestors in Minneapolis today. If people can swing it and want to donate funds, my Venmo is @grahambeatrice, my paypal is PayPal.me/gwinniebee and my cashapp is $grahambeatrice

Any amount helps and it will all be going to getting food and medical supplies and other necessary materials for people protesting the death of George Floyd


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Larry Page in 1997: "Sigh, it sucks having to look everything up in books. I wish I could just google it. Hey, wait a sec... that's it! Hey Sergey Brin, we should invent Google!"

Sergey Brin: "Okay"

gee larry page, what are we going to do tonight?

the same thing we do every night, sergey brin. try to invent google.

not so fast kid... i invented google once, i could easily do it again

uspol, state violence against BIPOC 

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