@medusamae yeah i like it a lot, we saw the whole thing like three times in music class

Em relayed

@em Bully from a 90’s teen comedy voice “What’s up, dick nuts”

(it is definitely ok, and also i don’t know why either one of them cares so much)

i’m in the cinema waiting for a movie and two old ladies who clearly don’t know each other are arguing over whether it’s ok to move to a different seat than the one on your ticket if it’s empty

introducing Dick Nuts: the truck nuts you can wear on your dick

i love wearing glittery eyeshadow cause there’s this twinkling going on in my peripheral vision when i go outside

@garfiald it's a good movie! not sure if ive seen the directors cut before tho...

@toilet omg you gotta see amadeus, we watched it in music class like three times lol

jfc the directors cut on this movie is three hours for some reason

good morning i'm watching amadeus and painting my nails purple

wait omg, converse has a whole line of trans flag shoes. like not just a customize-yourself thing, they actually made those

version 3 thanks to @J, i think the flag-ness is less obvious here but they do look the nicest

@J ohh yeah good idea, i'll try that! i like the rainbow laces but it's got a rainbow patch on the side too so i don't need them

@J hmm yeah you're probably right... they remind me of rubber boots with the black lmao, tho the white tongue looks so good too...... i could make em both white ofc but then i'd lose the flag

@slightlyflightyone no there's two pictures! one has black tongue and white rubber, the other one is opposite

help i'm making enby shoes and i can't decide what looks better

@UnclearFuture yeah i always stay in the middle of the room

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