you can make fun of the Cats trailer as much as you want but the fact remains you'll all definitely watch this. if it starred cartoon cats or smth instead most of you definitely wouldn't

@isagalaev breaking bad was five seasons dude what are you talking about

Yeah I do it for clout
Ur (& my)

@wintgenstein β€œcommies and nazis are basically the same, and nazis aren’t really that bad, and commies are fucking terrible, somehow”

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you know when i opened that β€œelon musk, death” cw i expected to read something good...

@tasnyx idk my dad told me a lot of shit when i was little so if he’s holding smth back it’s gotta be majorly fucked

i wish i knew just a little bit more... like i don’t need to *speak* finnish but just. it’s frustrating to recognise single words and not be able to put them into context

when your friend tries to eat a nacho from your plate but you bought them for yourself and you're really hungry

if you want me to follow back please DM me a list of your opinions on the issues, and i will read it when i have time

@em glad that the marketplace of ideas ensures that the best rises to the top

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