tfw you start a goof podcast with your brothers and somehow become internationally famous

i don't live near there anymore but i still love him, he's a good boy

the local history museum has this huge old bear trap-looking this that was apparently designed to catch it

there's a bunch of statues of it like these, scattered all around the area

the town where i grew up actually had a local cryptid that supposedly lived in the big lake there.

it's basically a big water snake with back spikes, and sometimes it's got elk horns?

y'all heard about the Loveland Frog?

there's two kinds of replies and they both make me stronger

i want a girl with a apple pineapple and a loooooong pen

Sure sex is cool but have you ever been close to tragedy
or been close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
so heavy you collapse?
never had to knock on wood

anyway good night y'all i'm gonna go sleep now, on my jed

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