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6. medarot

im not even gonna try to draw a robot but please enjoy this bug instead

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5. digimon

oops i forgot to upload this yesterday! there's so many cool digimon but wizardmon is probably my favourite

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4. monster rancher

ive never played this but it had a cool gimmick where you can put a cd in the playstation and generate a monster based on it... my only music cd is pump by aerosmith which produces this guy

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3. tamagotchi

love these... i had a tamagotchi when i was little, i kinda wanna get a new one

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2. pokemon

i realized halfway through i reversed the colors but i didnt wanna start over lol

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this is the list im using, i don't know a lot of the later ones though...

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anyway im drawing monsters this month! these are from smt

some fun quotes from the Apollo 11 mission (that's the one where they landed on the moon)

thinking about racecar driver princess peach...

this is an official promotional gif for donkey kong 64

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