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anyway im drawing monsters this month! these are from smt

this is the list im using, i don't know a lot of the later ones though...

2. pokemon

i realized halfway through i reversed the colors but i didnt wanna start over lol

3. tamagotchi

love these... i had a tamagotchi when i was little, i kinda wanna get a new one

4. monster rancher

ive never played this but it had a cool gimmick where you can put a cd in the playstation and generate a monster based on it... my only music cd is pump by aerosmith which produces this guy

5. digimon

oops i forgot to upload this yesterday! there's so many cool digimon but wizardmon is probably my favourite


6. medarot

im not even gonna try to draw a robot but please enjoy this bug instead

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@a_lizard this is such a fun design! love the horns, but also i've never seen a slime with a tail before??

@a_lizard ohh you're right, i've even played that!

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