idk what you're all talking about, boomer comics rock actually

I too like to say “fuck yeah” while wearing a shirt that says “fuck yeah”

@em also, I wonder if they know that “male” and “female” are gender identities

@em Can't say I disagree with the fuck, yeah part 🤣

@em Also I hear sex education turns you gay.

If I haven't turned gay yet, does that mean I'm straight, or just uneducated?

*insert philosoraptor meme here*

What the actual FUCK is that piece of crap?

When I was a young kid in the '60s, I was reading all the Iron Man and Silver Surfer I could get my hands on. In fact, it informed my ultimate career decision.

@em who knew that boomers were actually aware what a good time we can be having all along

@em the hand of sex education pushes dave strider into gay sex, abortion, and trans identities

@em boomers never masturbated ever. Lol bunch of straight laced oldies trying to be relevant

@robotcarsley personally i prefer bangin but that’s ok

NOTE: The young child is skateboarding on an orange skateboard...

Okay, it's about time you knew boomers believe only two fundamental truths - that is, skateboarding and bitcoin turn your son into a homosexual.

#Boomers actually believe this.

@em of COURSE the representation of "fuck yeah" can only say "fuck yeah," I just never fully considered it before I saw this. It's like the "fuck yeah" Pokemon.

Anyway I've never related better to a pokemon.

@em ...Boomers threatening us with a good time once again? Like you said, this comic is sick 👌

@em I like how from top to bottom the scary culture war triggers just get more desperate like 'gender identities' is flexing pretty hard here.

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