my only real advice to newcomers is please don't stay on .social, federation is pointless if everyone's in the same place. find a smaller instance that feels right for you

@gaeel One stupid question. How do i join these instances? Do i need to create a new account?

@wabbster Yes, it works a bit like email like that
Once you've created a new account with the instance you're going to, you can notify your followers of the move in your account settings
It'll look a bit like this: @Gaeel

@wabbster honestly nothing specific, i think it kinda depends on what you'e into etc! but i've seen people recommend this site as a way to find instances: , or a lot of people just start making friends on here and end up finding an instance that way

i'll boost your question though in case anyone wants to pitch their instance!

@wabbster yeah, you're essentially making a new account except you can take your follow list with you. here's a guide that probably explains it better than i can:

@em And hosting your own instance is also a great option :blobcatadorable:

@laggard for sure but i think that can sound pretty daunting to a newcomer

@em Depends on how tech-savvy they are. Hosting a pleroma instance is pretty easy with basic cmdline knowledge. :blobcatsmug:

@em there really needs to be like a landing dot pad 1 through 5 or something

@em i know dot social is supposed to be this but i think its not telegraphed well

@mcknze @em didn't Eugen close dot social registration for a while?

it was too late, i was already in like a trojan horse

@healyn @em yeah during our rush it was for a whilr im surprised how well this one has gone in terms of like the thing not crashing

@em is a wonderful landing spot for new folks who don't know where else to go. I just hope they figure things out and move on from there! Even better is running their own instances!

That's the beauty and power of this system, free from singular monolithic control!

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