it's funny how people online will see two friends talking and joking with each other and go "oh ok, i'm going to talk that way to complete strangers!"

like every online relationship isn't on the same level

don't be joke-mean with strangers. don't be even mildly sexual with strangers. don't reply to a total stranger just to tell them you don't like the hobby or piece of media or whatever they're talking about. don't start DMing a stranger with your unsolicited opinions. you wouldn't do that in the real world right, just go up to a stranger and be weird?

and again, don't be sexual with strangers. you can't just assume what someone's boundaries are

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@kioskwitch i think this will always need to be said... nothing's happened just now, i'm alright! but i've had (and seen) a bunch of weird interactions recently and you know it adds up

@em oh yeah it definitely does, I'm sorry that happened :( it's pretty sad just how many basic things need to be said out loud so people arent being weird

@kioskwitch yeah... like i know some people just don't "get" social rules as easily and that's fine, it's certainly not my strongest area! but i do expect a baseline level of decency still

@em yeah obviously not everyone picks up on social cues the same way which is understandable but like. Keep your lewd comments to yourself Jesus Christ

@em i like to be sincere kind to strangers, here and offline

@meena hell yeah! and i absolutely don't mind replies from strangers if they're nice and respectful and all, i mean otherwise how are you gonna meet new people?

@em i am over thirty, so, game over?!

however, i have a baby — and that's like having a cute puppy: it's almost like cheating at getting to talk to people, or defusing tense situations

@em this and also @ the men who try to chat me up on public transit!! :(

@em i mean. in what world does anyone think that being sexual to randos is ok. how is it ever ok. my account is locked because this happened several times and it makes me sooo angry.


I like to think I can assume what someone's boundaries are.

I assume everyone is asexual.

Are they actively being lewd?

If it wasn't directed to *me*, specifically, then I still believe they're asexual.

People exist. They have boundaries.

I would say I didn't know why some people have a problem with it, but I do know...

There's a god-awful number of emotionally-stunted, creepy-ass men who are scared and lonely and have absolutely zero idea what a real friendship looks like.

@em I mean some people are weird and disrespectful to complete strangers afk as well but that only makes your points more valid +___+

@em an unfortunately large amount of people view online as a sort of phantom space, where nothing is real and every interaction shouldnt be taken seriously at all and anyone who does gets labeled as "too online" because apparently having real world interactions on the internet isnt possible :\

@em this is the exact line of logic He Who Shall Not Be Named used when he had his meltdown on here a few months prior

basically just the "its just a joke" defense couched in different words

@norikawa hmm i don't know who that is but yeah, it happens a lot...

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